Minecraft Username: StarSquared99

Date of Ban: 25-Jun-18

Banned by: @TheOctopus

Reason for Ban: Using Nuker

Reason to be Unbanned: I’ll admit to my mistake and am sorry for the inconvenience caused. I broke a rule and I understand where I went wrong. I’d like to be let back on the server because I enjoy spending time with everyone and just building (as you may have noticed, clearing land is very tedious to me, the reasoning behind this).

Previous appeals:

A great start would be to include all your past bans cause looky what I found, building in rancho, oh and this, stole a build for an application. Look I found another one. Failing to follow staff instructions. Oh wait, you didn’t tell the whole truth in the last one good thing you re-appealed , truth is you were using an autoclicker and them, BAM you got banned for it again and then again

Those were under the previous username, and the bans were due to a misunderstanding. I was told by another staff member that it was okay to use the mod and then other staff members were concerned and (as you put it) - bam!

As per your request, I will include the previous appeals in the original post

So let me just get this straight.

You used a banned mod.
You were banned for it.
You lied about it.
Finally you decided to tell the truth.
After a while you were unbanned…

and then you started using it again within days of your return
I caught you, you lied about it

When are you going to learn? Not that it matters of course, you’re not coming back.