Modded is Back with our custom False Hope Pack!

Its back. Time to feed your beast’s

Once again beginning in a foreign land of misery and self loathing, you must explore the hellscape before you to reap the rewards. Trying to cling to the old ways will do you no favors.
Ore is no longer what it once was, your futile efforts to find a decent hoard might be your undoing, as dragons guard this land. Beasts of epic proportions halting you on your quest.
Whether you decide to go it alone, or with those who walk beside you, don’t lose sight of what is in front of you. Don’t give yourself False Hope…

Installation Instructions



  1. Start up twitch and head to mods, then minecraft. Make a new custom profile. Name it whatever. Set version to 1.12.2. with a forge mod loader of forge-

  2. launch the profile once to download random minecraft related things. Once its loaded fully, close it down.

  3. Download the modpack from here:

  4. Unpack the download and copy all the files to your profile (cog wheel in twitch and select open folder, thats where you need to paste and overwrite all current files)

  5. Setup profile options (in twitch and the gear in the top right and select profile options. Turn off ‘‘use system memory settings’’ and set the memory slider anywhere from like 6gbs-10gbs depending on your system memory

  6. Launch the modpack. Join the server using the ip;

Modded Rules

  1. No Stealing - Do not steal/borrow anything without permission. This includes taking ‘just a bit’ of stone from someone’s 8.2million stockpile.

  2. Do not build Nuclearcraft Reactors near other people’s bases, or near spawn. Blow yourself up, not other people.

  3. Do not abuse any bugs. Please report any bugs to either crassclown or fatso12321.

  4. Claiming Chunks:

  • Do not claim an excessive number of chunks
  • Do not claim chunks near someone else’s area without permission
  • Do not claim chunks that another player is obviously using
  • Generated structures can look like player builds - be sure it is naturally generated and not lived in before claiming any structure.
  1. All normal PCB rules apply.