Banned? Read Me


:warning: If you were unbanned recently you may now be banned again. Please post a new appeal saying this and you will be unbanned as soon as possible.

This section of the forum is for appealing a server ban.

If you have been wrongfully banned, please post your request and we will investigate the matter. Alternatively, if you are simply seeking a second chance, you may plead your case for consideration.

When appealing, please be as descriptive as possible and provide substantial information. Describe what was happening at the time: was there someone griefing whom you got mistaken for? Did you try to repair something but stopped in the middle of it? Any information can help us help you.

To appeal, click here and fill out the form. You must be logged in

This will automatically create a forum thread that you will be redirected to. Your appeal will be investigated within 24-48 hours. You may be asked for additional information, so continue to check your appeal thread.

When a ban appeal thread is locked, that means no further discussions will be had and the decision made has been finalized.

If you are NOT involved with the banned player then do not post in their ban appeal.

Anybody posting in a ban appeal where they don’t belong will have their post removed and have their account warned.

The only users we want posting in Ban Appeals are eye witnesses or players somehow involved with the banned player in question.

In most circumstances, the staff member who banned the player will have full discretion on whether or not a player is unbanned. Exceptions may, can, and will be made by senior staff as we deem fit.

Ban Appeals & Staff Applications
Hello Everyone! Thor here to talk to you about illegal pots.
banned for accidentally doing 1 little wrong thing (really little)
Banned for griefing my own place wrongfully banned (StormLlama)