PCB - Ranks


Project City Build - Ranks

Project City Build (PCB) has a range of ranks from Guest all the way through to Administrator. Below is a bit of information about each.

:white_large_square: Guest

Guest is the default rank for people who view our site, or join our Minecraft server. You will have basic commands such as /warp and /tpa and you will be able to build in survival.

:black_large_square: Member

Member is granted upon registering for a PCB account. It is the minimum rank required to build in Creative. It comes with a range of additional commands such as /home and allows you to post and participate on our forums.

:green_heart: Donator

The Donator rank is granted to those who have donated at least $3 to PCB. If you donate $30 or more you will have this rank for life. Donators gain access to cosmetic commands such as /nick (coloured) along with access to most Trusted commands.

:blue_heart: Trusted

Trusted is earned through time and commitment to the PCB community and it’s values. If a staff member believes you are trustworthy, they may nominate you for this rank. Trusted comes with a large array of additional commands, including access to /fly in survival and access to armourstand tools (/ast).

:large_blue_diamond: Trusted+

Trusted+ is the highest obtainable non-staff rank. The Trusted+ rank is awarded to (non-staff) members of the community who are stand out examples within our community. Players with this rank are the most Trusted in our community by the staff team. This rank has all the perks of the Trusted and Donator ranks, with the added advantage of being allowed to apply for WorldEdit (W/E) and getting early access to new projects and map resets.

:purple_heart: Retired

This is a rank that if granted to those players who are no longer active in the staff team or those who no longer wish to actively contribute to staff projects. It has the same permission as Trusted.

:yellow_heart: Moderator

Moderator is the entry level staff rank. It serves as a training and testing rank, as well as a springboard to higher staff ranks when the time comes. Moderators assist other staff with defusing conflict and resolving issues. Moderators have access to a range of additional commands, including /kick, /ban, /mute, /jail, logblock and more.

:orange_heart: Operator

Operators make up the bulk of the staff team. They are quick to deal with most situations and thwart grief. Operators help to arrange server events and work on server projects.

:heartbeat: Senior Operator

The highest obtainable staff rank, Senior Operators are the communities most trained and tested staff and equipped to handle almost any situation. Senior Operators have access to almost all server commands and can assist with plugins and server related issues.

:heart: Administrator

Administrators serve as the backbone of the community, programming, developing and updating to keep the community going. They have access to a variety of tools that allow them to maintain the internal operation of all PCB services, such as the Minecraft servers, the website, forums and more. This rank is not attainable under normal circumstances.

Can i get trusted or a rank