AirstarAirways - 7th of January, 2016


Minecraft Username AirstarAirways

Date of Ban 7th of January, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by Mannriah

Reason for Ban Disobeying Staff Instructions.

I used an autoclicker, a 3rd party Windows client-side application to autoclick in order to build faster.

Reason to be Unbanned 1. The autoclicker is not a super-pickaxe. While it is a “mod”, it does not directly affect the Minecraft client by modifying its files or internal processes.
  1. The “faster building” as a result of the autoclicker does not lag the server: that is a totally separate issue not related to me placing blocks to create a highway.

How does the autoclicker work?
It sends a click signal much like a regular mouse at a certain time interval. The result? The time-delay between placing blocks is reduced, just like you’re spam clicking the hell out of your mouse without having to do so.

[ Ban History ] 3 other ban appeals found
7th of January, 2016

21st of December, 2015

15th of December, 2015

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I would like to second the above statements.
I have an autoclicker as well, and have not noticed increased lag while using it. The lag is spontaneous.

Just for the record, this is from my rules post:

Up to VRA/Mann as to whether an auto-clicker offers an unfair advantage or not.

In my personal opinion, it isn’t unfair for the following reasons:

  1. This autoclicker is free and available to anyone to download
  2. The autoclicker simulates a mouse click, and everyone who plays MC has the ability to click, whether it be at a peaceful rate or spam-clicking until your next-door neighbors complain.
  3. The autoclicker does not modify in any way/shape/form the original Minecraft files (including, but not limited to Java as well).

Just an opinion, can’t push decisions.

Mann is going to get on in a minute I think, but the reason you are banned isn’t specifically to do with your mod. It is due to your behaviour:

The server was lagging like never before and when everyone was kicked it was fine until you came on. We thought your mod was causing the lag so Mannriah nicely asked you to play without it. I believe you denied using it even though it was clear you were still using it, and then you simply said, “mmk” before ignoring what he just said and going about your business. Your attitude needs to change.

From what I recall (and I don’t think I’m the only one), after I logged back in, there was no lag other than connection/ping lag (which I have horrid problems thanks to my horrid ISP). Anyway, Mannriah has a PM with a full agreement digitally signed by me awaiting in his/her respective inbox and this case goes down to him/her.

However, I’d like to thank the staff that have already posted above and brought my flaws to my attention. I deeply appreciate your time and effort to make the server a better place.

I asked you not to do something, and you continued to do it. Simple as that. I asked you not to use this software because of the potential implications on the server, which was already (as you witnessed) laggy AF. I asked the staff not to use W/E at the time, and gave you a similar warning, because removing or replacing large numbers of blocks CAN cause server side lag (e.g. exactly what super pick/world edit do).

You use this in combination with some kind of far wand tool, which is why it becomes an issue as it allows you to remove X amount of blocks in a straight line.

Besides using those tools, which are a bit of a grey area as far as I’m concerned (Definitely wouldn’t be allowed in survival), you ignored my instruction, which was to stop.

Im giving you a 1 week 1 day (as per our agreement that you will not use these tools) temp ban.

In future, take instructions from staff onboard and consider the consequences before making a decision.


Sorry to go against your lock, Mannriah, but I just want to put out that, in the future, Airstar, you should always ask before using a mod, whether it be affecting you only or the server. It’s just good manners.

(I wasn’t on, maybe you did, but I just wanted to put that out there as it sounds like you didn’t)