Trumanator0 7th Ban appeal

Minecraft Username: Trumanator0

Date of Ban: Jan 6th and June 16th

Banned by: Ferf and Matt

Reason for Ban: Everything under the sun at this point except racism that’s still not good: Alting, griefing, Unable to listen to staff instructions, and requests from other players, general uncooperablity/assholery, auto Clicker (I also edited that because the original auto clicker one was actually saying that I didn’t and that was scummy of me of course you can still see it), Being annoying antagonizing staff, using caps and both at the same time, asshattery, referencing a not so, PG show And griefing. Not great.

Reason to be Unbanned: I know this isn’t supposed to be an apology.

Hey Ferf and Matt and any other PCB member that has known me I’m sorry. I know that I have had several chances and each and every time without fail I have managed to mess it up worse and worse every time. From Pissing Ferf and more of the staff team off with my very bad ideas: like 1. “9000-block-long UNDERGROUND highway with no midpoints, “even after we told you no about 10 times, you continued to beg and plead and explain how you could get away with it without us knowing”-Ferf. That’s legitimately what happened and then I also made it a meme 3 memes and they all sucked witch was very rude to Ferf and I believe Callum it was another high op SOP I feel like shit I can’t remember his name.2. “Raids” which was a whole other proposal of bad ideas and then the even worse idea of making a prototype to show “how right I was.’’ that really just messed up the Mountain even more’ Placing an army in port java that ended up getting me banned. It also lagged. Honestly Ferf was right to think that he should have just overturned that last appeal before any of what I just said even happened.

Finally most recently alting as YusoTR, and trying to stay by denying that I was alting as. I knew that I was found out. I remember when I read about swig alting I remember hearing about the IP system PCB has in place but I just did it. Anyways, as you all know I came on and was found in less than 4 hours. I still understand that it is completely my fault and I could have and should have just reported it but I didn’t. I also remember thinking that “I would never fall that low” when I read swigs ban appeal from about 1 year and 10 months ago.

Ferf When you do read this I am sorry for all of the times I have been an ass to you on the server and in ban appeals. In the server by thinking and arrogantly and claiming “I was right”. I also want to say more personally Ferf I don’t hold any contempt for you I know you read that Really now ban report and probably though “wow what an entitled asshole”. When I read your response I had this sinking feeling of “Wow It’s your fault for why your banned and not the SOP’s who have way better judgement than you have”. That and when I was told that you banned me The color kinda drained from my face like oh shit. When I realized who banned me I knew I was very wrong and that I was most definitely the person that was wrong about the situation. So yes I am sorry Ferf and I’m sure this would have sounded more sincere since I had not Alted.

I do still want to try and come back “yeah I know this sounds insane”. But I have been sitting around for the past year or so trying to find something that I could build something in for all to see and not be on a flat plot world or a poorly ran vanilla freebuild. I like this server still. “Yeah It sounds like a bad relationship” but I do still and if major IF I came back I wouldn’t do Truman Empire or be some militaristic kinda guy with military builds. That is where a lot of the problems stemmed from both griefing Bans share that in common.`` I’m not gonna build a big ugly pyramid. Or make a raid. I just kinda want to make buildings to a style in towns and maybe an achievable skyscraper in the capital. That would not be built using 1000 little W/Es “so the staff wont release it”-9000 block underground 4 lane highway fully detailed. Of course permission would be asked from anybody involved in another building project. I tried to stick to the format as much as humanly possible allot of this was just me accepting what I have done and apologizing witch quite a few deserve. I can’t really be sincere and true if I can’t at least apologize for my mountain of errors.



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This s 7 including this one I’m not proud of that.

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Hi, Truman. First, I wanna thank you for really taking the time to craft your appeal. You clearly understand your situation, and that’s refreshing for us, considering all of the really poor ban appeals we have to wade through.

I’ve decided I don’t want to let myself, or anyone else, make a decision unilaterally on this appeal. With most folks, the offenses are petty enough that we can handle appeals and make decisions on our own. But, as you listed in your appeal:

There’s clearly a lot we can talk about.

I’m opening a staff-only discussion about this appeal right now, and we will do our best to reach a decision fairly and promptly. Until then, just hang tight. Some of us may revisit this thread to ask you some more questions, so make sure you check this thread every once in a while. If there’s any more information you want to give to us, feel free to leave a reply on this thread (do NOT edit your appeal) and we’ll take it into consideration.

Thank you for your patience.

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I’m am aware you guys are still discussing things right now and I know it will take a bit.but If any of you have anything else that I could have forgotten, (I am pretty sure that I got it all down but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something I did forget). I would be more than happy to own up to it and/or explain. I have allot of time on my hands from an early thanksgiving break due to the snow.

Also if you have any updates that is cool too.

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Truman, my most sincere apologies to you for mishandling this appeal. I started the staff discussion at a really inconvenient time in my personal life, and it’s taken me a while to get back to the point where I can give the necessary time back to Project City Build with confidence. Now that I’m back around (at least for now), I’ve wrapped up our discussion and reached a verdict.

You’ll be unbanned, with a couple of strings attached.

Firstly, you’ll be barred from donator perks for five months. This was originally going to be six months, but since I’m about one month over on an adequate response, that’s been reflected. Secondly, you’ll be on strict probation. We’ll be keeping an extra-close eye on you, and you if you break the rules during your permission restriction, your punishment will be much more severe.

Please, please, please take the time to reread our rules and reflect on your past conduct. It shouldn’t be hard to avoid getting in trouble again. Be respectful, be cooperative, be conscientious, and you should be fine. We don’t want to have to reprimand anyone if we don’t have to. I look forward to seeing you on the server again and I hope you’re eager to come back as a good citizen of Project City Build.

Unbanned / Locked

quick edit cause I wanted to add that you’ve been unbanned on the Discord as well – make sure you’re following the rules there also

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