VirBinarus - 14th of January, 2016


Minecraft Username VirBinarus

Date of Ban 14th of January, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by I’m guessing Amphitryon

Reason for Ban Please take your homophobia somewhere else.

Reason to be Unbanned I’m really sorry. and if I do end up coming back on, I won’t bring this up again.

If nothing else. Can you at least delete my two posts on the let’s talk day page. They I worded them entirely wrongly to make me look like a homophobic idiot. I regret all of it. If I know someone is homophobic, I treat them no differently. It was a “Let’s talk” wall, I voiced the main thing I get hate for. I get hate for it. I get ban.
If i come back I will never bring that up again.

I’m really sorry too, if I offended anyone. Offending someone would be close to my worst nightmare. (mabye just a little behind fame)

Sorry again.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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I know the guy irl. He’s not that kind of guy. He wasn’t imposing his beliefs in anyone, just saying what they were.

I am not sure you understand you compared homosexuality to murder

I am speechless

HE COMPARED BEING GAY TO MURDER. If you don’t understand what’s wrong about that, then I cba to explain it to you.

Rule II on the forums states that The discrimination of any player or staff based on race, religion, [size=16pt]sexual orientation, gender, looks, or rank within the server will not be tolerated.

We must keep PCB an open place for everyone, gay or straight, to express themselves publicly. That kind of behavior makes people of that sexual orientation feel a) unwanted and b) not confident in themselves.

You will stay banned for the forseeable future.

He was expressing himself publicly. Clearly it’s not a popular opinion but if we must keep PCB open for people who express homosexuality, surely it should be open to people who express other opinions.

Personally, I don’t understand his views either. But this doesn’t mean he should be excluded from our community for this. He’d been a perfectly normal member of PCB for months upon months, and this topic had never come up. He’s never gone around going * you * are a murderer. And you are a murderer! He’s just expressed his views when the topic came up, and defended them when they were challenged.

Apart from the views themselves, he hasn’t been unreasonable or discriminatory. He’s just said some controversial things.

And you can’t tell me you’re not making him feel unwanted and not confident in himself by banning and humiliating him.

Keep him as far away from PCB as possible. We do not tolerate behaviour like this. Be respectful to others or GTFO.

Has anyone asked the people this comment was aimed at for input, @ThatOneCop and @daqwid2727poland .

I am unlocking this thread so that they can respond, if they choose to.

My point was exactly he wasn’t being disrespectful. He was just stating what he believed.


I don’t even think he was aiming it at anyone. He wasn’t saying repent for your sins, daqwid, he was just saying in my opinion this thing is a sin.

What he believes is disrespectful, homophobia is learnt, people are born gay. If he has those views he should have not shared them within a community which has homosexual members.

 If VirBinarus's ideas are spoken out to the public. I believe that it's OK if he thinks homosexuality is bad. That's his opinion! But, I'm not saying that he should bully anyone, because of it. it's his opinion, not an insult. Although, what he posted sounds extreme, it's his opinion. And, if you take it this personal, don't read it. And if you did, don't punish the person who said that. Unless, it was an insult to a specific person. VirBinarus apologized. And, you respond by accepting his apology. That's how you don't hold a grudge on someone, and heal a broken friendship.

Restored deleted post by @BroodingSet .
@TheOctopus that’s way out of line. You specifically asked for Brooding’s input, then delete it when he gives it? If I didn’t think better of you, I’d say you did that because he actually supported Vir.

TBH I’m with asmo and vir on this one, he should be unbanned. He didn’t phrase it in a disrespectful way, just explained his stance.

To mis-quote Voltaire - “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Omg someone has a different view on something than me, I can’t bear to be around this person, banned.

Really guys? Are you fucking kidding me? He DOES NOT deserve to be banned in game for having an opinion in an open discussion topic on the forums, and I think it’s ridiculous that people jumped the gun here.

Does he force his opinion right in your face and scrutinize you if you don’t agree…? No. He JUST. STATED. HIS. OPINION.

SO WHAT if you don’t agree what he had to say, he has every single right to say it. Even though PCB has a good amount of members with differing sexual preferences, I am very frustrated and embarrassed that we have to stoop down to this level to satisfy them. EQUALITY FOR EVERYONE ISN’T REACHED HERE.

VirBinarus, you are not at all an idiot for having an opinion, and I’m sorry you were banned in game for something that occurred on the forums. This is highly embarrassing.

[b]The whole point of this thread is that you shouldn't just judge someone by their beliefs or sexuality. And yet you banned someone for expressing their beliefs.[/b]

i totally agree

Just my two cents, but PCB has had numerous arguments revolving around homosexuality and religion and it always ends up in someone getting banned, getting mass-insulted or leaving the community; it gets quite annoying, honestly. I think we should simply forbidden people from talking or discussing about these topics in-game and in the forums, it would avoid lots of needless drama.

Completely agree with this! And also just my two cents to add on to what Ely said, there comes a point where having personal opinion about sex, race or whatever it is can push the boundaries for some people and then all this trouble happens!

To summarise, its okay to share personal feelings/opinions, but with high caution as somebody can be easily offended however deep the person ranting thinks they’re going. And unfortunately, this isn’t working out which makes me want to also forbidden these types of discussions.

How about this as a rule:

No talking about religion in sexual orientation threads & no talking about sexual orientation in religious threads?

Wait we have religious threads?

anyway it is oke to voice your opinion, but it would also be nice if you’d voice it a proper way. you can just say i don’t like em and then just walk away for both parties.

I agree with Ruby. He was not discriminatory. He did not state that all people who are gay should be murdered, or anything that demonstrates a fear of homosexuality, he simply stated that that he believes homosexuality is a sin, as is murder, etc.

People are attacking his beliefs, and attacking him personally, and that is just as intolerant.