Cortwade, Year 2+ attempt

Username: Cortwade

Date of Ban: January 2016

Banned By: TheOctopus

Reason For Ban: Excessive Caps, Being rude to other Players

Reason for Unban: It has been more than two years now since I was banned my second time, and in that time I have had time to reflect. I have joined several servers since then dedicated to both building and running a civilization, and that has taught me much. In late 2016, I joined the first of these civilization servers, and unlike here it was harsh. I did not conform like most, and I was immature and rambunctious. I made demands that frankly were absurd looking back, and that made me an outcast. I remained one until the closing of that server in early 2017, around the time of my 1 year anniversary ban appeal.

Since the closing of that server, I was able to mature and become a respected part of that community. I feel while that might not mean much to this server, I thought it was worth mentioning. I was originally banned after an argument between myself and Whbilbo escalated to unhealthy levels. I was using caps obsessively, to the point where my messages were the only ones that could be seen. I regret that, and am sincerely sorry. I should not have started that argument, and I should have been quicker to de-escalate and end it. I understand that the community has grown and shifted, and that much has changed, including myself. I hope that if you will all give me a chance, I can prove that to you. I know that I was, frankly, an idiot, but my experiences since being banned I feel have changed me for the better.

If you all decide not to let me back into this community, I’d understand. But I figured that I should try again, just to see. With the community growing and shifting, maps resetting, and cities being built, I hope that I will be able to fit into the community better than what I did before. Not as a cap-shouting disrespectful 12 year old, but as an older and more aware person that would help make this place better. People can change, and while I’ve not had a chance to show you all that I have, I hope I will have the opportunity soon.

In conclusion, I apologize sincerely for my past actions. I was young and immature. To Will, I hope that you are doing well, and I hope I see you around some day. To Andre, thank you for being a friend, and to everyone else, maybe we will cross paths in the future. Have a good evening.


Prior Ban Appeals :

Cortwade - 14th of January, 2016 Cortwade - Sometime in January
Cortwade - 17, March, 2016

You’ve definitely improved your ability to appeal which shows you’ve matured quite a bit since your first appeals. As it’s been a very long time, I’m going to unban you. Be warned though that if you don’t change this time you won’t be coming back.

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