Cortwade - 2015/06/15


Minecraft Username Cortwade

Date of Ban 2015/06/15
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by madant79

Reason for Ban Griefing Burnton

Reason to be Unbanned Now that I’ve heard creative has been wiped, i wish to come clean. Im an 11 yr. old and I lied and created an alter-ego cause my mother was scared of stalkers. I know I griefed Burnton and I admit I was an absolute ass but I love this server and now that Creative is clean, Can i have a clean start? -Yours Truly,
P.S. Madant I know that I’ve done so many wrong things but I promise I will act right.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

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'Nuff said.

Was going to point to the link, but couldn’t find it. Yeah, sorry m8, I think I know the result already…

It may not be my place, but, realistically Cortwade has no previous ban appeals. I’m not saying that what he did was right, but whats the point of having ‘previous bans’ if people get perma-banned the first time.

Again, I understand he griefed quite a few people and places, but realistically, shouldn’t he be given a second chance?

So what you’re saying is, if a member comes on and floods the chat with obscenity, and insult literally everyone, as well as do massive grief, yet they have never been banned, that they should be given another chance? Cort may have not done all of that, but if a member did and you tried to defend them like that, it’d be laughed at.

Nah, he did pretty much all of that…

Again, I’m not a a member of staff, it’s not my decision to make. But personally I don’t think an outright perma-ban is fair, but it would set a strong precedent for future offenders.

Just because he hasn’t been banned before, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been given multiple chances.

If you’re an ass, you face the consequences. Don’t want to be perma banned? Don’t be an ass. It’s simple.

So you’re basically saying the age of people you around is the control variable of your behaviour on the server?

My main qualm is that his appeal seems more focused on appealing, not for what he had done wrong, but instead appealing to the staff by saying we’re “awesome”, etc. If majority of staff remain opposed (as I am) please leave a note on this post, so that the thread isn’t flooded with posts about it.

Please, don’t multi-post. Edit your previous posts to add more detail.

As for this appeal, I don’t really care, but he seems genuinely sorry. Then again, he shouldn’t have fucked up in the first place. It’s rare that someone goes to the length of making a post saying they don’t want someone back, so there must have been a reason for that.

I am on a vacation at the moment, sorry, I did not respond earlier. Some of the things that you did were not acceptable, and not the image we want to portray on the server. Using your age as an excuse is quite a pitiful attempt at an appeal. You will have a 90 day temp ban. After that period, you will be on a strict probation.

Unban date: Nov 1, 2015