New Railroad System

As mentioned in other posts, once the current spawn railway has been ‘demolished’, I would like to start work on a new Railroad.

The Railroad will start in sandy point, with four tracks spreading from the main station there. One track will head to the north, one to the south, one east, and one west.

At the end of the four main tracks will be another smaller station, where you can either go back to sandy point, or continue along one of two tracks. These tracks will go to two villages in each of the four areas (N, E, S, W.)

Players who own a village may apply below to have their village connected, by posting the name of the village and whether it is in the North, east, south or west (using the server map). I will then review the applications after a week or so, to give people chance to apply, then I will decide which villages are the most suitable, and start work connecting them up.

At the moment, I am waiting for Admin approval for the Railroad, and construction will not start until it is given the go-ahead.

If possible, could Admin’s please supply me with powered, and non-powered rails, and then I should be able to take care of gathering the rest of the materials needed, with help of other players who would wish to aid with construction!

If you would like to help with construction, if it is given the go ahead, add your name to the following list. If you are not able to modify this message, please post below, and an Op will add you name to the list.



Also, please vote in the poll above, as to whether you would like to see this project progressing!

Check List:

Main station - Done.

Northern Line - Done.
Southern Line - Done.
Eastern Line - Construction Paused.
Western Line - Getting Permissions.

Northern Station - Done.
Southern Station - Build materials need changing, (sandstone to redwood, wood to cobble)
Eastern Station - Line not completed.
Western Station - Line not completed.

Station Locations:
Main - Sandy Point.
North - Creative Cove.
South - Is in a grassy woodland area, near desert, which seems good for a town to be built on. (I think this will be my next project when the line is completed.)
East - Hilltop (Need owner’s confirmation)
West - Station not yet built.

Thank you everyone for the help! It’s surprising how many rails we are using up…! O_o

Proposed Rail Plans: (Please ignore the typo… -.-)

I’d be free to help at any time. Perhaps I could get you iron and gold?

[liam599: added to the list :)]

If Admin’s supply the rails, we wouldn’t need to. I’m not sure if I will make it if we have to make the rails. It’s going to be massive…

Ok, but still ask me if you need help for anything.

i would also like to help, i have cobble that you can use

[Liam599: Added to list! :D]

I am currently working on a railroad leading from my house to Paradise Falls and Creative Cove. Once its connected to both, I will start working on Paradise Falls again. Also, would it be possible to connect a small station on the railroad so it can give my railroad some meaning other than just personal use.

I would like to help you too with this :smiley:

Sure :slight_smile: I would connect all the towns chosen first, if one of those two are connected, which one probably will be, there wont be much point connecting that track to the main one. We could adapt it, to fit with the theme and style of the others, but not actually connect the tracks.
Ill add you to the list :smiley:

Ill help out for sure :slight_smile: Hopefully this gets ALL the way to bigcity.

:stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure it would fit in, in bigcity, or if Admin’s would want it going there. But if they allow it, I will definately have a go at making a modern station :stuck_out_tongue:

Your name has been added to the list! Thanks for the support!

Maybe just a smaller more modern one inside bigcity itself?


I’d like to help in any way i can, maybe providing cobblestone?

OOH! So, In the station, have another track leading underground? NICE. And ill add you to the list zak! :smiley:

i would help and maybe we can connect it to llamaville

I would love to help… if not I can watch FOR I AM THE BUILDING WATCHERER… Lol no but srsly i can dig for britain

EDIT by Ouhai: Added your name to the list.

Added to the list!

Could you have a track heading to Forsyth? (New Forsyth) My city is located North Eastish of Sandy Point, it seems like a long distance but it would benefit all cities in between…

Currently I am planning a major north - south interstate, Interstate 85.

I plan to have a realistic high speed rail either along or in the median of I 85 in Forsyth that could feature connectivity to your project and my GTFO (Greater Transit For Others) project, lol.

As I said in the other thread:

Seeing as this will be a server project, I see no problem with supplying rails and boosters. While you’re at it, Wakepoint has a station, just that I never made the tracks go anywhere. Feel free to hook it up :smiley:

I’d also like to help out with the construction!

Awesome :smiley: Thats 2/3 seeing as special is away, I am ready to start work whenever, and that could work well fili, but I am going to make the first 4 stations first, before connecting towns up.

And regarding making it look good, would you want to help me design the stations Andy?

You can’t count me in Liam.