Changes to Gameplay

  • In the next week, changes to the mob rewards system will be made. Any mobs that originate from a spawner will no longer give EXP, loot or money regardless of the distance away from the spawner. The server can track if the mob was spawned by the spawner. If you do kill a mob from the spawner it will tell you so. As good as mob grinder designs are, this is really unbalancing the economy. To compensate for a loss of easy EXP, enchantments will be placed for sale at admin shops in the near future.

  • The sethome and home commands are currently being abused. The point of survival is not to teleport everywhere, and from the logs it appears quite a few people have lots of homes set. Members will now have 2 homes and trusted ranks and above will have a maximum of 3 homes.

  • To encourage people to sign up, warps will be disabled for guests. Warp portals will be put down in all towns for travel between towns for guests to use.

  • The server fly value will be set to FALSE. This means you cannot use mods to fly in the server. However if you are a trusted rank or higher, you will have access to the /fly command which will enable flying for you.

  • TNT will be turned on (survival only). This will occur at a later date and will be explained fully in the future.

Doesn’t kill me :slight_smile:

YES TNT!!! :smiley: I can now finally mine out a good hole in the ground for my possible underground city. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could we save the loss of homes untill we get teleporting to co-ordinates back? I don’t like losing my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

You can already teleport to coordinates. /tppos

XD I have maybe 20 homes. :stuck_out_tongue: I am gona have to decide which ones i really need and which ones i don’t really need. :slight_smile:

That’s right Spec! Lay down the law! We’ve gotten too lazy anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I personally have 27 homes, just a bit too much I think.

Well if there’s a way to get enchantments then I’m good! :smiley: Although the house thing is going to be hard to deal with >.<

Maybe instead of selling enchantments, sell EXP? (Bottle 'o Enchanting)

I’m fine with everything. Personally I like flymod over /fly, so I’m a bit sad about that.

They are way too inefficient. Enchanting shops are much better.

I just thought about something… What about blaze spawners? How would we be able to get blaze rods >.>

O.o I never thought about that sacred. I really don’t wana go buy mine from a shop. :stuck_out_tongue: I like being self dependent. XD

for the love of TFSP can we get the old tp back, it was so simple and easy, tpa for trusted.

whats the problem with EXP from mobs? that doesnt effect the market seeing as its not money…

Only 3…? But, I have so many… How will I decide D:

Now for complaints/statements/praises:::

First, just my two-cents, but I find a 1-house boost from member to trusted to be kind of small.

Also, does the house thing apply to creative?

Thirdly, what exactly are the /tp commands that trusted’s have? The /help command doesn’t really help…

Fourthly, Cliffside needs a warp pad in spawn.

Fifthly, what’s the point of MonsterGrounds if spawner mobs don’t drop anything at all?

Finally, yay TNT. I have a use for my stack and a half of sulphur!

There was one other thing, but I can’t remember it.

  1. I may change it to 4 or 5
  2. Yes both creative and survival. Will be explained in a weeks time
  3. The commands will change for tp soon and the full list will be posted
  4. The warp pads are being set up soon
  5. I don’t know who created MonsterGrounds, but no one should have worldedited in spawners in the first place

COUGHHARDCOUGH ::slight_smile: I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it is built under his town so…

Also, forgot to mention this before, but what’s wrong with the exp? I know it’s been said but will it really affect anything? Fair enough remove the money, but exp is more useful than money. Is there any way that it could be just reduced instead of removed altogether?

If not then i need to dig a big hole…

Well I better start skimming trough my homes and transferring chests… :confused:

Hmm, I would like to see the quest system be more utilized. Perhaps some rewards could be EXP? My original idea was to make all money come from quests. Not sure if that is as wanted of an idea. I thought it sounded cool cause it would give me a reason to slay 20 creepers, find lapis, clay, etc. If possible, it does not even have to take those found items. It just rewards you for doing the task (some jobs at least).