The Project City Build YouTube page is now active and being used!

Myself, Fatso12321 and Vaiovista have started a minecraft survival letsplay, and the first video should be uploaded at some point tomorrow. We will be asking other members of the PCB community to join us for some videos also.

I will attempt to answer any questions you may have here:
How did you choose who was going to be involved?
Basically, people who could. Me and fatso had been thinking of doing one for a while, and turns out, vaio can run a server pretty damn well!

Why was I not asked to join in?! >:(
As mentioned above, we will be asking people to join in at different points. We haven’t intentionally left anyone out, so please don’t take it to heart if you haven’t been asked to do it from the start. Things such as the quality of your mic on skype will need to be considered also, if we cant understand you, then its no good you speaking in the video really. We definitely do not want to have more than four people in the video at the same time, to minimise the chat chaos with people talking at the same time, and it will be more difficult to get everyone online at the same time.

Who is doing what?
Fatso is recording the videos, editing, rendering and uploading them; vai is hosting the server we are playing on; and I am hosting the skype call, planning, and creating the images/outro and such.

Who made the logos, and designed the channel?
I made the PCB channel display picture, from the logo on the forums, and also used that as the channel background!

Feel free to submit ideas for the channel, the lets play, or future videos!

I will link the first video here when it is uploaded.

You can find the channel here:

It will not just be used for these lets plays. It will also contain time-lapses (BigBuild coming soon!) and other server shenanigans!

Be sure to subscribe people! :wink: :smiley:

Awesome! I was wating for the YouTube page to be used! It seemed so lonely sitting there.

EDIT: Oh and I can help. I have a skype and EVERYTHING!

:frowning: I don’t have Skype does that mean I can’t join you guys and become a youtube cerebary?

i have skype, but any mike makes me sound ridiculous xD

Ill join in anytime :smiley: always love to do this stuff. I may do recordings for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I think some of this should be kept not on the main servers channel but on a separate one.

You need skype.

You. Need it.
And cerebary? XD

Brodur, my mic makes me sound ridiculous.

I’d be more than happy to join
I have skype and if Vai can’t make it I can host the server
(It’s not too fast but it shouldn’t be too bad for a small amount of people)
And my mike also makes me sound ridiculous lol

i have skype and i sound pretty well on skype. So i can probably do some

y’all know how i sound on skype (pretty damn good) and id love to play with yall at some point

well i’m up for it, you can politely boot me out if i sound too obnoxious xD

You can tell me to join anytime, my mic works great as well as my skype =D
Oh and i have a damn good minecraft recorder that recordes system audio as well as mic. i run at 50 FPS with it also so if fatso ever has other things to do and you need another guy to record just ask me :slight_smile:

You guys know I have an awesome voice (That or my mic settings are weird).
Ive won UIL Events in Interpt Prose for it :smiley:
That and some other thespian events, plays and acting and such

I can join at anytime as well,skype and mic is a wee bit static though.I can pose as the silent funny player that lurks around.

hard you disconnect and have terrible connection in the calls weve had with you >_>

also, shane! =D

I have the sexiest deepest voice ever… Just sayin…
Although I tend to not talk much… :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe its just cause I’m really tired all the time idk

You know I can do it and that I have skype so just steam message me if you want me to join :smiley:

waaaaa im never gonna be a famous youtuber :frowning:


Lets play epp 1

Edit: embedded video with BBCode

[Edit fatso12321]
This vid is temperary untill youtube adds on the outro and we can add the thumbnail, also im sorry about the few black spots in the vid nere the begining and end, not sure if that was a problem rendering or uploading

Also liam, we cant just upload a thumbnail, it needs to be part of the video, ima find out at what times youtube takes the snapshots

I wanna get skype can I use my xbox headset for it? Although I can’t find a plug-in hole for it on my laptop :frowning:

Doesn’t work :frowning:

This is my schedule every single day

Wake up
Bit of breakfast
more computer (no lunch)
have a snack

The process restarts the next day.