Yomigaere - 12th of April, 2014


Minecraft Username Yomigaere

Date of Ban 12th of April, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by collaboration of staff

Reason for Ban I lost my temper a few times over a certain a month. I got backstabbed by a few people and wasn’t allowed to find out who. Got into a fight with a SOP about it and ended up being banned. Later I kept myself banned to cool off since i knew I would blow up again.

I had a system in my head every hour to check the server status and the site and the live map to look if help was needed etc. that system made me automatically check the server status where i saw that the RAM was above 90%. I wanted to warn the staff online and said it in the live map. where i got threatened by 05Ocram05 (Marco) and I got angry at that since i was just here trying to help. I tried first telling him normal. then in the background certain people where calling me after the Korean Dictator and that caught on. I was Literally Bullied out and since i hate that the most in life I went complete Nuts.

At that moment I saw this servers dark side. I didn’t want to be a part of it and they said they would IPban me and I said Do IT!.

Reason to be Unbanned I have given my all for a Complete year for this server. I donated, helped players, searched out hackers/ griefers/ idiots, helped creating the most amazing towns and structures, helped other owners with designing, giving idea’s what to improve and helping new members find their way and even play as a translator when needed.

When i got trusted I was extremely happy and it drove me to become better and better but i still stayed playfully. After i while I got told that i would be nice if i tried for staff. that went wrong the first time due to a little fight, but the second time was a Definitely Yes with 17/3. I was proud of myself and of the server who accepted my into their higher ranks to be able to help more and show more what I can.

I stayed this time conscious away for 3 months to cool down and get myself re-organized.

I now believe that I am ready to get back. In any form as you deem necessary towards my actions.

I thank you for reading this and I hope i would be forgiven.

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
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While Yomi and I usually don’t get along as friends. This doesn’t mean I can’t look past what’s she’s done and forgive her. What people did to her was wrong, and I still am disappointing in many of those people. We have unbanned people who have done far worse.

I’m honestly surprised that she would want to come back.

Anyway, in conclusion, I would be very happy to have her come back. I would suggest the rank of member, but would go along with trusted if people felt this to be fit.

About me: I got pissed because you were in McMyAdmin and you were NOT supposed to be there and you did NOT listen when I asked you to get out.

Yes, you can come back, but as a MEMBER.

I also welcome Yomi back. I would like her to be trusted rank, but I get why she should be member. I was sad to see her go in the first place.

Ferr, I know you’re talking about ggg, but what he did only affected a few users for a short amount of time.

Yomi took the server down, and (accidentally) caused it to crash when we tried to put it back up. It was down for literally hours, where nobody could get on. It affected everyone. We’ve never unbanned someone for that, because it’s never happened. This was above and beyond any harm that any staff member has done to this server.

I appreciate that you put in a lot of work, but we all do. If you weren’t you’d have been doing your job wrong and would have been demoted long ago.

If others decide that you should be unbanned, I want you to stay as a member for a VERY long time.

However, I’d prefer it if you remained banned. It’s not against you, but your actions. Punishment is needed; I don’t like to let these things slide.

Ya fit your description Ruby, “Nobody has ever returned from my bad side”.

Yes, the damage was bad, but even you wrote that it crashing was accidental. Yomi will clearly not be staff again so that damage cannot come from her intentional or not. That impulsive action to stop the server was her worst offense. It was very stupid and immature. Thus, not staff material if such decisions are made.

I still trust her with the permissions trusted rank get. Her banishment has been a while but being member may be further punishment.

Oh, and she can’t read this.

I’ve steam PMed everything in this thread so far to her. Yomi said she’ll send me a reply soon.

My vote is to unban but of course to not receive a staff rank for a fair amount of time if at all. My belief is that she was kicked around before she kicked back harder and I felt all that happened on both sides were incorrect ways of dealing with the situation.

Yomi said:

I know what I did was impulsive( and immature in some eyes) , but i doubt if you would react different under the circumstances that happened before it.
I was deeply hurt because of what one or a few (trusted) members did to me. Which was a chest full with sexuall harrasment and verbailly words which aren’t allowed at all by the server rules and is ban able.( i think the chest is still in steampunk, namillo will know) So i got on the case of trying to find out who did it. While I was doing so I was cut off by a senior Operator and he/she let them all go and I got angry since it was against the rules and just because some are buddies they were allowed to go free. This goes fully against a few rules of this community and I got angry. He/She didn’t listen to me anymore and I made me feel this server was run by buddies.

Yes I got an Impulsive attack to just take the server down to get some attention on what was happening. I DID NOT know it would crash and it was never my intention to happen.

I think quite a few people on the server know how it feels being bullied. Well this felt like I was completely thrown away and it was allowed to just verbally attack me without the consequences.

I am on myself already emotional but due to a bad combination of lowering my antidepresiva medicine and that growing bad atmosphere around the community I felt a push to just wake everything and cut loose from trying to change things slowly.

I do not wish to become staff at all. I just want to get back to the community which i fell in love with in the first months that I played here.
I may not seems trusted for that 1 action, but over that full year I was always helping and very trusted towards staff and members. I never changed that aspect of myself and in the community and real life people often came to me to just talk and I always stayed open for those people.
The only thing i wish for is the rank trusted and Nothing else. For my part it becomes a rule that i never become staff, but I will always help the community get better and wake up to the problems that sometimes arise on the lower parts of the community.

I am not writing this or the ban appeal while smiling, I am crying at myself for ever being so stupid to let my emotions have control and towards how i felt abandoned by the staff that was present at that moment. I do know that some staff looked at the real story and have helped me. I want to thank those staff members for being more than just an executioner, but a judge of not only me but also the people who were a part of this.

I hereby allow TheUKOctopus to post this in my name.

Yours sincerely,


No point having it there if it isn’t true.

I refer to my previous point, no we haven’t unbanned people for worse than this. In my view this is worse than what ggg did.
Also the counter to this is that we’ve kept people banned for far less. That kind of argument works both ways.

When we lost Yomi, we lost a very integral part to our staff team as well as to our community. I would be more than happy to levy that she regain the trusted rank, as I still do trust her.

I don’t think Yomis’ ‘trust’ is in question - I think maybe it was her temper which got the better of her especially at the end when she was banned.

When playing with much younger people than yourself you must keep a level head and not loose your temper with them.

Perhaps in hindsight Yomi realises now she could have dealt with the ‘chest’ problem in a different and more sensible way but it happened as it happened and no one can change that.

I agree with Ruby, some people have not been allowed back on the server, for much less than this - mainly for their immaturity due to their age where they cannot keep their temper in check sometimes. Or for just being a pain in the backside.

However, if the majority of staff are agreeable to Yomi returning as Member or Trusted and as I have personally not had any problems with Yomi, I would support her returning to the server as either Member or Trusted as previously stated by most people in this appeal.

+1. While in the beginning Yomi and I didn’t get along I really got to know her after awhile. Plus she was quite active and not that prone to outbursts, unless provoked.

I want her back with her trusted rank. I miss Yomi.

And I want to see her as Staff some day.


Oh, she doesn’t want to become staff
well as far as I know, I trusted her

I would definitely like for Yomi to be able to come back. I think she’s shown some responsibility just by waiting three months in order to sufficiently collect herself. This community means a lot to many people, and I think that Yomi should not be cut off from us forever for a mistake she is obviously repentant of.

I would like to see Yomi as Trusted eventually, but I personally feel that justice would demand she come back as a Member.

This. As much as im sure she is upset with me, i still would like to see her come back as well, like brodur said, she was an integral part of our staff team, and as such should be able to at least ‘come home’ as a trusted member.

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sounds good. do that.

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