dude, the website looks awesome now

Glad you like it :smiley:

its FEELS awesome too!

Holy Jesus Christ! THIS IS PRO!!! ;D

Amazing job andy!

Its beast. Feels so…REAL! I approve of it!

Me too, looks really good.

Also andy, whenever my face is loaded on the ‘meet the team’ it seems the top third is whited out for some reason? ill upload a pic


when i click “meet the team” it just refreshes the page, with no new anything :frowning:

meet the team doesn’t work for me.

also whats gonna be the dealio with the meet the team? will its be like stats about us like how many times we have died or blocks modifyed or things killed? or maybe like a small bio that we can write, with maybe like a page dedicated to us that we can like add pictures of some of our good builds or even a 3d version of us using like teh skindex thingy, with maybe like some super awesome real time info like what server we are on then a link to our position on the map! AND AND AND MAYBE A REALLY COOL AND SUPPAA SWEET THINGY THAT DOES SOMETHINGS LIKE A COMMENT BOX AND THINGYS! breaths

the possibilities are endless…


You be diss’in mah turban? XD

Have to agree amazing job on the site! Still a few bugs here and there but I love it!

Hi guys, please post all bug reports and suggestions here It’s more convenient to keep track of just one topic