Worldedit rules reinforcement

I think we should start to reinforce the rules for Worldedit again, because of massive projects that will most likely go unfinished (NVC for example) that are just huge messes of Worldeditted buildings floating everywhere, but mostly because of the chopped-out features forming in landscapes. What im really getting at here is the flattening land part of the PCB rules for worldedit:

because it really doesn’t look good having landscape just chopped out, it makes dynamap glitch, and because of an incident today where an airport terminal was nearly worldedited on top of another pre-existing airport. So yeah, maybe we could compromise like no more than a 100x100 area at a time, or reinforce the rules as they are written?

First, in NVC, I only see 2 or 3 floating builds one of which is mine and I don’t know if you were getting at the flattening thing with NVC or not, but NVC’s terrain, for the most part, is intact. Vex made a layer of grass at Y=80 that didn’t effect the terrain below. Second, I’m not opposed to the idea of a 100x100 area for flattening at a time. Last, it’s not solely flattening terrain that causes the dynamap glitch pastes also do that. In my opinion this post isn’t completely necessary; however, the rules are somewhat enforced.

The rules for world edit are not enforced. That’s why I made this post. I believe your reply is mostly dismissing it because of the events that happened earlier tonight.

@Potato321 Well how do you propose that we could “enforce the w/e rules”?

we haven’t had similar problems to what NVC had since then regarding worldedit from what I can tell. Any flattening has been on a much much smaller scale

That being said steps are in motion to add more controls to WE use in the future.

NVC is a large exception due to the fact that the original terrain is under the roads and grass. Please note that due to the absence of Vexnorz, any building in NVC is not allowed without the consent of Vexnorz or another builder. No one but the builders of NVC can build in it at the moment and most of the builders have either gone missing or are preoccupied with their cities or other builds. I’m sorry that this had to come up but staff have earned the privilege of worldedit, and if this is a complaint about their use of it then it is to be addressed by the staff. I am saying this in the terms of player to player, but cities such as New Vex City that have players missing who cannot fix or rebuild the city itself cannot be blamed for the lack of progress. Whenever Vexnorz comes on next and he decides to build upon it will be the time it can be fixed, or he appoints another player to build upon this city will be the time where progress is made. I see this as a player to player matter, so I hope I’ve made a valid point in this issue. If anyone has a complaint about a build such as NVC I strongly recommend you either make it up with the owner or talk with staff, otherwise any other player contribution such as this should really not be posted on forums. Next time please consider going directly to staff via discord, because this to me seems more of a personal issue rather than a server wide issue. Have a good day.

Sincerely, Matt.

Some project require that the terrain be flattened. It’s not w/e that’s the issue, it’s the people who don’t finish their projects.
If you don’t want unfinished w/e’d landscape nightmares, don’t give large-scale w/e to the people who tend to never finish anything.
All in all, it should be up to the person giving the edit (assuming it doesn’t break the server)
When rules are broken en masse there tends to be a reason for it.

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The main reason that rule was created was because people were flattening large sections of terrain, which your are correct in saying looks terrible. We do enforce those rules, Vex did face consequences for the way he used world edit in NVC.

Although we test members of staff to see that they are proficient in Worldedit, that doesn’t absolve us from human error. From what I can tell Master made a mistake which he, from what I can tell promptly fixed. Even I make mistakes when I’ve been using it for quite sometime. Please remember we are human.

The issue of worledit and NVC has already been dealt with by the staff team which shows we do take the enforcement of Worldedit seriously.

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This was not supposed to be an attack on NVC, I’m sorry if it was portrayed that way. Thank you for listening to my suggestion.

I’ll restate what I have said in the staff channels for the benefit of all.
“I would say take text communications with a grain of salt, all of the tone and inflections are in your head, so what you are thinking influences what you read and infer from reading. […]
I felt it was pretty civil. I would take a step back and really read what is being said, not what you think is being said,
And then, while maintaining a civil demeanor, ask the same question you just asked me, and see what the answer is.”

The gist is, don’t get salty over text, it can be easily misconstrued. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention @Potato321.

Alright, thank you @brodur.
I didn’t intend for this to be a specific post targeted at any one person, but seeing as that’s what it’s become we can be like Elsa and just let it go .

We completely Understand the issue that you were trying to raise Potato. I was merely using NVC as an example to say the we DO enforce worldedit rules. This was never supposed to be about one player or town. If you have any other examples where you feel players are incorrectly using worldedit than do not hesitate to let us know. Your opinions on the matter are just important as an member of staff’s.

Also to add, if a Staff member is performing large amounts of world edit in one particular place belonging to you, ask them to perform a radius render so the dynmap cleans itself up. I know many Staff are unaware of this action, but its a fairly easy action staff can take to clean up parts of the dynmap that may be messed up from something being moved/deleted/etc

I’m pretty sure that’s a SOP+ command

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