World Expo - Team America

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Welcome to Team America! We have decided to make a New York City themed building. Within said building will contain signature American stores as well as The Statue of Liberty. As we go along we may decide to add new content that showcases other American-like things, but meanwhile we will just do as we go! We currently have 6 members in our team, we will only accept new team members in groups of 2 that way our team has an even amount of members. If you’d like to apply for the team you may do so in the comments, however you will not be added to the above list if someone else doesn’t apply to create an even number.

Woot woot!


A massive bbQ
Mount Rushmore cause YOLO
Not the wasington monument. Lol

I was thinking

A giant walmart with every American store we can think of because what better way to represent Aemerica and the frenzy of Walmart


The Statue of Liberty with kiosks of American stores at the bottom to celebrate the expo



The golden arches of McDicks is a gr8 idea to have

I want to join! :smiley:

  1. A huge statue of an American soldier

  2. An extremely obese child.

  3. A retro burger shop

Hello, Tweaky here.

Why not we build a street.

On one side of the street is a very old style neighborhood, showing America’s long standing older, more classical side.

On the other side, we can have the Mc’Donald’s and other American Stereotypes, showing America’s modernization.

Ok so since the expos has finally begun it’s time to narrow down our choices. Everyone is allowed to vote twice and building will begin as soon as votes have unanimously been decided.

Ok, new idea for the world expo.

We split up the entire plot by a road into 4 equal size sections.

One of the sides will be America in the 18th century, when it just gained it’s independence.

One will be of America in the 19th century, during industrialization.

One will be of America in the 20th century, during both world wars and the cold war (maybe we show the 1920s)

One will be of America in the 21st century, with futuristic buildings, showing that we have a promising future.

If anybody really likes Tweaky’s idea then sure, but we already have been through our planning stage and we really should stick to whatever is already on the poll. We’re already late into the event.

Update: I’ve reset the poll, If you are not on Team America you should not be contributing to this poll, sorry for the inconvenience Team America, submit 2 votes each please.

If you are not participating in the American team, DO NOT VOTE.

This poll is being reset ONE LAST TIME! The final two ideas for our expo plot comes between Wal-mart and Statue of Liberty! Obviously you only are allowed one vote, and are only allowed to vote if you are on Team America. During this session for the poll will also be the last opportunity for signing up for this team. I shall leave the poll running until Midnight (Usa Est.)

I would love to see a statue of liberty done well. I feel like it is possible as we have quite a bit of talent. I feel like walmart would just be very meh even with the added stuff. We can always have a mini walmart under the statue. :slight_smile:


I guess count me in! But statue pls

The reason why I voted Wal-mart is because unlike The Statue of Liberty, we could easily incorporate group work into it. Such would be the assignments of each player getting to work on certain parts of the store and it honestly can go in so many directions since a Wal-Mart has just about everything you need in this country. We don’t even have to make the outside look krappy, recently the Wal-Mart franchise has been creating new, improved and much nicer looking stores throughout the country so we can model off one those.

I really like the Statue of Liberty idea too, but it’s just I don’t know where we would go with that. It sounds like a job for one person to create it and even if we did make just that, we have an entire plot to make it which means we need other stuff surrounding the statue or we take up the whole plot and have an abnormally sized statue in the expo world. Thoughts and ideas on this?

If you managed to make a good statue of liberty, that would be impressive! ::slight_smile:

Good luck choosing guys!

u’ve seen what the Uk team is doing?

How about we compromise. How about we build the massive Statue of Liberty, but inside of the star-shaped stand that Statue is on (like it actually is in NYC), we build a Warlmart-like store. We can all contribute a little bit to both the statue and the store. This way, everyone can at least have their part in something everyone will have fun building.

We could manage to do a compromise, but I wouldn’t do your suggestion. If you’re going to build a walmart as a “stand” for the statue that’s just weird. Either you do the entirety of the actual stand and statue or just the statue, it would be weird to replace the stand with a wal-mart.

My compromise suggestion is we build a NYC-like skyscraper and within said building we put a replica of the statue in the center in addition we could contribute previous ideas such as McDonalds and maybe some American stores rather than just a Wal-mart. So technically it would be more like a mall that our ending result seems to be like. After all, this is an expo, it would be nice to have a place that shares a piece of America if you understand what I mean.

That actually sounds like a good idea, we can add different parts of what makes America great.