World Expo - Team America

Anyone else on board? I would like to finalize this decision by tomorrow 5 p.m est. the latest

I’m okay with that :smiley: We could also have it on the top as well.

Compromises hardly ever work out.

I’m down with tweaky’s comment. I’m game. Lmao

Ok then it’s decided!

I as a builder will only be able to work on the store and large building surrounding the Statue. I am sorry guys, I really can’t to real life objects.

Can we build the Chrysler building as the building for the worldexpo?

We sure can try and put our greatest efforts to trying of course that is a great place to start!

Keep in mind, I am building with the OCD texture pack, somethings will look better than others

Alright folks, time to vote.

Within the building that has so far been built, there are three circles I made: one red, one yellow, and one green.

I need you to choose what circle will be the base of the Statue of Liberty because I can’t quite seem to decide which one is the right size.

I’m late, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut


Alright folks, the torch in the center of the building is the precise center of the sky scraper. Build whatever base you want and carve out the circles in the floor.