World Cleanup

After wondering around for a bit, I realized there are loads of ugly, abandoned, and griefed buildings out there. Its starting to make the world look bad. So I was wondering if it would be alright to hold some kind of world cleanup in order to restore the beauty and niceness of the world.

We could remove all buildings that are old and not in use, buildings that have been griefed, and, well, box houses. Of course, we wouldn’t remove any active players buildings because that would just be unfair to the player.

People could post coords or screenshots below to designate possible buildings to get rid of. Maybe we can replant forests and make areas look more natural.

Hard24Get, Vaio, some other Ops and all the mods have agreed to help out on this so I’m just making sure that what we might do is alright with everybody.

This post is just a suggestion, I’m just making sure it’s alright with everybody before we start. If everything goes well then maybe we can make this a bi-monthly event or something cool like that…

I like the idea, we just need to make sure that the method for ensuring something is classified as “active” is fair. Asides from that, you have my support (of course I would still like to hear other’s opinion on this before launching into it).

Reminds me of the Classic days where we’d archive flatgrass and guestcity before wiping them :smiley:

Was just going to say something like that andy xD Perhaps save a backup of the world before each clear-up, then if a player wants the house back, you could copy it in at somepoint

Well, I’d say two-three weeks is good enough to consider a building or player inactive.
But thats just my opinion, we should set down some rules before getting started.

I would say 3. People often go on 2 week holidays, and don’t necessarily post on here of their absence. If someone is to be away for more than 3, then they should post.

Alright, that sounds good.

ill be gone for 3+weeks a few weeks for now :O. any way another classifier, if the hous is to fucked up from griefing to BE a house take it down? and random tower/weird block setup…

Last time I checked, (10 hours ago) OPs didn’t have access to any of the WorldEdit commands, including /superpickaxe. Will that be changed, or maybe OPs given the /undo command along with the old access?

This is a great idea, it might result in a lot of work for those that end up with world edit capabilities but it’s necessary. There are so many griefed houses and buildings, you run into one every few seconds of flying around. We’ll make a new post titled something like Cleanup List and post a screenshot and coordinates and if it isn’t claimed in a certain timeframe or it’s obviously griefed and abandoned then we’ll get rid of er

I would love to help track down buildings. Just give me an area and I’ll find out if there are buuildings there that need to be taken down.

I could help with the destroying process also.

Is it possible that we could use controlled TNT for demolition purposes?

Yeah “controlled TNT” sounds like an amazing idea (most epic sarcasm). I think this is an amazing idea although the inital cleanup will probably take quite a while and having it be bi-monthly is a awesome thought to keep the world clean and nice for guests.

Alright, we should set out some rules before actually starting this up.
Got any suggestions?

Well, I got the first rule:

Do not destroy buildings that are not proven inactive.

As in, if they building isn’t griefed, and your not sure if its abandoned or not, then report to wherever we will report buildings in the future. If you destroy it, it would pretty much just count as griefing… :3

I think I made my point clear.
TNT is blacklisted for a reason! Not just because it explodes, but it causes lag basically. Just… don’t even suggest using it for anything…

Well, we can recycle the tnt and be the first eco-friendly server in minecraft!

I’d love to help out but I guess im not a OP or MOD so :frowning:

I reckon that we should have a period of a week or two weeks in which players can post screenshots/coordinates of any building/area they would like preserved. Anything else can (potentially) be removed without warning during the cleanup.


that could work but if we do it that way we should post it on the front page so they will see it
25th post :slight_smile:

Well, the more I think about it, the better idea it seems. It just seems to work better and go faster than waiting 2-3 weeks on every single home. I’m alright with this.

Is everybody else okay with this?

Also, maybe let the owners of each town take care of buildings within it? Even if something is abandoned, they may still want to keep it, perhaps sell use of it to another player.
Any buildings which just seem to be on their own, could be take down, unless said screenshots are posted.

Ok, editing the first post now.


Too lazy, will edit later :stuck_out_tongue: