why am i the only one on

as trusted it is not my job to look over the new people on the server but time and time again I find my self looking over them.

most of the time I am the only one on if new people grief I cant do any thing to stop them just make a post and hope for the best really.

like take to day for say I am the only one on the server and I welcome 3 new people to the server.

Well, i am at school and can’t get on servers because they blocked minecraft multiplayer. :confused: If i could i would no doubt be online right now.

Same – I would be on, but school blocked mc.net

My computer’s monitor cord broke, so I will be gone for awhile, sorry guys. Keep an eye on teh server for me. :wink:

that sucks zak! using your phone/ipod i guess?

I am on most of the time though, it’s just I get alot of homework at my shit school

lol I will keep a eye on the server for zakrox96 and the rest of the team.
I don’t mind looking over the new people it is just a little boring with no one to talk to :D.
that+ I would be so much more helpful if I was a mod if they did grief I could stop them lol.
and I am not moaning about it ok.

Don’t worry about that loneliness, soon enough we will be getting a good flow of new people coming on soon. :smiley:

lol that just mean’s more looking at new people for me >.<

Lol, you said you felt lonely. XD

I kind of am I am all alone no one to talk to :smiley:

Well at the time of this post, i am going to be going to creative. If you don’t wana be alone, then go to creative now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that most of us (like me) have exams and tests upcoming which require our attention atm. I will be on more after June 15th however to me exams are more important than MC Gasp!

This. xD Chemistry resit in 3 hours… Time to get some final revision done before then.

Honestly, if i haven’t been able to get it in my head after a whole school year of learning it. It wont help to freak out for a few hours cramming everything from a book into my head. :stuck_out_tongue: So i choose to use my time to relax. XD

I’ve tried to go on, but i’ve been really busy with school and with playing minecraft on xbox. I only have 1 week left of school so i’ll be on more often soon.

Yea, over the next few weeks my life has taken over, and I have no time to play. I have time to quickly post on forums, or mess around with server stuff on Linux, since thats a learning experience. I am too busy studing for the AP Euro makeup I have to do, and with my other finals.

Well, i have maybe 8 finals next week, i don’t plan on stressing myself out on it. :stuck_out_tongue: I may take a look in a study packet every once and a while, but like i said, there is no need to stress over something that i could have no chance of learning in just a fe days. 8)

One exam down. Didn’t go as well as I hoped, but meh. Physics is next… fuuuuu.

xD it seem’s you are all so busy with school and stuff like that lol
how now I know why most of the time I am on by my self :smiley: