Who Killed Me?

Today while I was on the survival sever, I wanted to farm some xp. So I went AFK in a safe spot near my spawner, Upon returning to my computer I had realized I had died. The spot I was in was closed off, So the only way in was getting passed a /cprivated trap door, Or by teleporting. I had some VERY high enchanted tools on me, As well as 45 levels, But none of the items are at the spot where I died. So it leads me to the assumption that someone had killed me and taken the items, Or left them to de-spawn. I would also appreciate it greatly if someone checked the logs searching for who killed me, or what killed me.



dude it was probably a person. becuase if you had high enchanted armor a mob couldnt kill you unless u were offline for a hour.

There is also the /kill command…

did you happen to have a sword that had bane of arthropods and something else?

hmmm the /kill command. i dont think a op would do that… if we find who it was what would we do to him?


That’s your kills/deaths page Keaton.
You were either punched to death by Fili (probably during the photo shoot?) or I have no idea what happened :S

. Geez I think u really dislike me zesty. You seem to hate whatever I do. Besides i was just asking a question. And when fili killed Keaton it did matter to me. Isn’t PCB a non pvp server??

To answer your question andy we were just all having fun at the 20 person event that we had last night. Lots of killing :/. Sorry to hear you died keaton…

that and most of us didnt go to bed and stayed up all night x.x
i was one. i regret it too

:stuck_out_tongue: but i always want to pvp but people are saying “no”…really?

but anyways you probably got punched to death bu fili.

[sub]i killed kyle with raw chicken! yes![/sub]

Keaton im sorry to hear that fili went apeshit on you like that. maybe someone could get those items back to you as this was clearly a misunderstanding in the midst of of all the exitement. perhaps _Andy, or Sip could get those items back.

make a detailed list of the items lost, and perhaps someone can replace em for you.

Well we need to talk to fili first, or get some more conclusive answer. Then yes that would be appropriate, spawning things in is a last resort.

understood mate. but still make a list so that we can ask Fili about said items just in case. perhaps after killing you he picked em up for you and placed them somewhere for you to reobtain them?

Yeah I agree we need to talk to fili, I checked my chests and my items are not in them btw.

I don’t think Fili actually killed him at the time he was talking about. By the sounds of it they’re two completely separate occurrences

… Wat

maybe a mob did kill keaton.

ive been inside Keatons AFK zone. its well lit and very little, so i doubt it was a mob. if someone did kill him im fairly sure it was a person who TPed to Keaton. maybe we should LB the surronding blocks for destruction. and maybe this is the same person who did something to Whu’s farm.

ok then. heres the info we got. he wasnt killed by fili. mobs didnt get him even though he was near a mob exp farm thing. it might have been a guy who tped to him? i think /tpa is for all people but is /tp only for mod+? if it is then it had to be one of the ops. maybe the guy who killed keaton glitched through the room and somehow got in?

thats what i have in mind. tell me if im wrong.

doesn’t know a clue what is going on, hides.

lol filli why you hiding? do you have ANY info?