When Are We Moving to 1.3?

Minecraft 1.3 has been released. Migrating our server to the newest version will take some time as it has with previous releases. It will take between 1-2 weeks for Bukkit to release a recommended build. Once the new build is released quite a few plugins (some vital for our server) will be broken and we will have to wait for them to push out new versions. We currently run 40 plugins and we will test each and every one of them to make sure everything is running smoothly.

In the meantime, we hope to boot up one of our old severs and run a vanilla server. This should hopefully happen in the next few days (closer to the weekend).

If you want to continue playing on our main server do not update your client to the latest build. We suggest you backup your minecraft.jar file if you want to play 1.3.

Sadly, I already updated… atleast your gonna run a vanilla server :smiley:

i can set up a quick no plugin backup server


If you know my IP (same as hungergames) it is now updated! 1.3.1! WHOOO!

Hunger Games at what time?

Vanilla is no plugins.

I know that -_-

I was confuzzled x.x forgive my ignorance

Any progress on the move?

Whenever bukkit releases a stable build. May possibly be 1-2 weeks. Then, we must wait for plugin dev’s(developers) to update their plugins.

So basically just before the next update comes out. XD Unless they plan on waiting another few moths before releasing the next one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well theres 1.3.1 then 1.3.2 and so on…

as much as was implemented in this update, and as long as it took for the new update, i would say that the possiblity of a 1.3.1 etc is unlikely. as far as the map goes, last i heard about a ‘new map’ is that we were just regenerating areas for the emeralds if im not mistaken. i believe that was discussed in a thread taht i made, talking about this very thing…

You mean 1.3.2 I think…

I thought Bukkit and Mojang were working together to make updates run more smoothly for servers?
If that is the case we should only have to wait another couple of days for the new recommended build.

It looks like a recommended build is out. Plugins haven’t updated yet and I’ll need to test them all on a separate server first. Hopefully we should have it up by the weekend.

(I’m really really busy right now though)

Fun fact for the day: No one has logged onto our pcbmc.co server since August 2nd. The last player on was chaz_the_spaz. 44 players logged on the day before (August 1st).

If you need me to test any specific plugins I can get a test server up for a few days and make sure they all work. Not all of them will need to be updated due to their nature (like PCBan).

honestly sip, ive been trying to get on the main SMP server, but have been unable to do so, i assumed you or special had it down for a reason tbh


 +2 :P

Ill see what’s up with it.

Edit: Looks like got stuck in a bootloop, will try to restart. Actually, it may automatically update to the newest CraftBukkit. Don’t want to mess it up without consent.