Whats on your phone?

So I recently just bought an my first android (HTC ONE M7) just to see what all the hype was about. So far I’m really diggin it. I wanted a cheap unlocked android phone but I also wanted a quality device that could run the latest android OS. Bought it for 200 new and I have to say I may actually make the switch from IOS. I may upgrade to the M9 Once I finish my contract with at&t.

Anyways I bought this sweet little case for it and you guys are literally the only ones who may actually appreciate it.


Duuuude that’s fucking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! My phone contract runs out in September, will probably swap from my iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy model. Dunno which will be available on the same contract, but I may go more expensive to get unlimited data and a better phone.

I like my iPhone, but I’ve had too many problems with it crashing every damn time I want to update the fucking thing. Plus lack of storage space.

As for a case, I just have a leather flip case. Pretty basic, but it does the job.

I have spent so much money on apps for all my ios devices, I am afraid to switch. My contract ran out in January, and I am still trying to make a decision.

That is a sweet case :slight_smile:

@Petroliam I wouldn’t advise getting a Samsung. I have the LG Nexus 5 (which is from 2013) and one of my friends has the Galaxy S6 (which is from like a month ago xD) and his isn’t as smooth as mine and actually lags sometimes. My dad has the S4 and it’s constantly lagging.

Funny thing is, my friend’s was over $500 and mine was $250 :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want android, Namillo’s got it. HTC makes nice phones. LG does too, but their designs are sometimes weird. If you can find a Nexus 5 online, grab it. It may be older, but it’s an amazing phone. It’s the same size as the iPhone 6 btw. :slight_smile: And it’s one of the only LG phones with nice design.

Samsung’s phones seem great at first, but alas, you will regret getting one near the end of your contract. My S3’s battery was searing my hand and getting ready to explode, and it was just generally laggy as crap. Had I not rooted it then and tweaked the crap out of it, it probably would have been a goner.

In my experience, Samsung phones have also been quite cheap in terms of materials. They feel a lot more plasticky and lighter than HTC and LG phones. Also, the bootloader is quite locked down and newer Samsung units come with Knox, making rooting and any sort of tweaking you wish to do a pain the butt.

Currently, I’m using a OnePlus One. It’s been almost a year, and, thanks to a vibrant open-source community, it’s still running just like the day I got it. However, some people have gotten bad units, so it seems OnePlus has some quality control issues, and I heard that the QMA system for requesting customer service has been bad, although improving. I guess I’m just lucky that my phone didn’t come with any defects. Some apps crash quite a bit, but after thorough testing on other devices, I’m pretty sure it’s those apps’ fault and not the phone.

Idk about other android devices but on mine you are able to sync everything including music, contacts, etc. from your ios device to your android. Definitely worth the switch. Ive been with iphone since the iphone 2 came out and its been the same old software and basically the same hardware every year just a bit bigger. I currently still have the Iphone 5s which is a solid phone but I refuse to upgraded to the 6. I hate how many restrictions there are with iPhones now. Like how you can only use their cables (which are insanely expensive) and how you cant change anything with the software with out jailbreaking it. Idk. I just feel like Apple is a machine that wants everyone to have the same damn device wearing a polo button up, a northface jacket, and a pair of Sperry’s. If you’re a simple person who wants something basic, stick with the iPhone but with android its a whole new world. Definetly a game changer.

@Petroliam I personally hate the look and feel of samsungs. They’re extremely cheaply made.

I use a Galaxy Note 3. I use it a lot for media and games and the HUGE screen is perfect for it. The screen is pretty much the main reason I picked it. Plus, cause the Note 4 is out, the 3 is much cheaper. If you look at the specs, they are VERY similar, so get the 3.

I’m still no phone expert, so feel free to head other advice.

Still rocking my iPhone 4S. Looking to upgrade fairly soon though. If I do upgrade, it will probably be to an iPhone 6 or 6+. I just like the design of their phones. Also not particularly bothered about all the customisation and stuff. All I want is to be able to choose a background and arrange the apps how I want.

If I did switch from an iPhone, I’d probably either get a Sony Xperia of some sort, or a Nokia Lumia of some sort. Those are the only 2 other phones I’d consider right now, the Xperia because it’s powerful and has great battery life, and the Lumia because it’s practically indestructible.

I found out I was eligible for an upgrade the day before I left for Italy, was super pissed that I couldn’t get the phone myself since my dad is the only authorized user on our plan -.-

So when I get back I’ll probably bump up to a Samsung Galaxy S6, but for now I have a shitty S4 that is always closing me out of my shit. I have a lot of photo-editing apps, social apps, etc. I use snapchat a lot, somehow the snapchat camera works more smoothly than my regular camera so i end up just screenshotting pictures from there and saving them to my phone. I really like Androids/Galaxy. I also have an ipod 5 which is good for other apps and accesibiity I suppose, but I’m sticking with what I got for my phone because I know how to use it better

@Amphitryon I’m also using the Google Nexus 5 and yes a brilliant phone indeed (Gotta love stock android XD).

My first phone was the Sony Ericsson Satio that I had for around 2 years. Next up was an iPhone 4 that was given to me as a present by relatives, which I also had for a few years.

And for just over a year, I have owned my Google Nexus 5. I bought it unlocked for around £280. I’m currently with giffgaff as their deals are awesome! I’ll probably keep the phone for several more years and god knows what iPhone or Samsung Galaxy will have come out by the time of my next purchase ;D

I still have my gold iPhone 5S but will eventually upgrade to a gold 6S whenever that comes out lol

What’s on my phone?..


@AGx Ah, the joys of stock android.

I once ran AOSP on my OPO. It felt…empty…shudder.

Went back to CyanogenMod the next day.

My Dad had a HTC a couple of years ago and it was the worst fucking thing ever. Constantly crashed, the OS seemed unnecessarily confusing too. Just nope.

As for Samsung, my housemate has an S5, had an S3 before that and they both worked fine with no real problems. I know a few people with the S5 and they all say good things.

I’d rather not spend loaaaads of money, I just want a phone with a decent camera, plenty of storage space, good for music and relatively easy to use. Any suggestions? (Not intending to hijack this thread, but it seems like an appropriate place to discuss :wink: )

Two options i’d highly recommend:

  1. Google Nexus 5: [The phone I use today and is an absolute delight to use. You will not be dissapointed!]
  • Full HD Video
  • 8MP Camera
  • 16/32GB Options
  • 4G
  • Full HD Screen (4.95’’)
  • Good in all aspects with stock android

(The phone is discontinued so youll have to find it from shops/sellers that have them leftover)

  1. Motorola Moto G: [Could be considered a cheaper version of the Nexus 5 but is still brilliant. Used by family and friends through my recommendation. Definitely bang for the buck!]
  • 720P Video
  • 8MP Camera
  • Micro SD Expandable Storage
  • 4G and Dual SIM Models
  • 720p Screen (5’’)
  • Good in all aspects with stock android only a few motorola features but doesnt take over like samsung lol



Quite honestly, an iPhone 5s/5c is a decent option. Now that the 6/6+ is out it’s normally free if you get it on a contract. 8MP camera (records 1080p video too), up to 32gb storage, and it’s an iPhone. You know that it’s good for music and that it’s easy to use. Also 4G compatible if that matters at all.

Looking to go away from iPhone. My 4S had annoyed me far too much with problems. Ridiculously overpriced also.

AG, I will have a look at those now! :slight_smile: Thanks

Apple all the way for me. My old android was so slow compared to my iphone. :3

But that case looks awesome :smiley:

@Petroliam Yeah, I use the Google Nexus 5 too. I’d definitely recommend.