What to add to minecraft

Here is an interesting question:
What new things do you think the developers should add to minecraft.
This can be anything from mobs to items. Please post and share your ideas.

A very hostil and very dangerous new mob, only for single, player called SwordMaster.
He does 5-10 hearts of damage with out armour.
4-9 with leather
3-8 with iron
2-8 with gold
2-7 with diamond

Sword can be enchanted and has a 50% drop rate.

Weapons. goodness we need more weapons. i personally would enjoy a Kusarigama as it is my characters main weapon, i wouldn’t be opposed to Katanas, shields, hammers, mauls, flails, morning stars, spears, or crossbows, with specialized arrow tips (Lightning, fire, ice, or TNT)

Buildcraft pipes
Stained glass
More stuff for improved redstone such as able to go on walls, coloured insulation so you can run wires next to each other without needing to leave a block gap.

Muskets, Computers (Computercraft from elorram or whatever) and some of the Better Than Wolves mod pulleys and such.

These are all great suggestions. I agree with the weapons. Minecraft would definitely benefit from that. Tools might also be a cool new thing. A spear would be cool. It would be crafted by a piece of flint on top and a stick underneath. It would do around 3-4 hearts damage. Also a new ore might be cool. Something like steal ore and you could craft weapons out of it. In the new update (1.6) there will be lead and it would be cool if you could craft a crowbar. I also like the mob post. That could be a boss of a possible new realm. An above ground dungeon would be very cool. ( A skyscraper with mob spawner on each floor like in the yogbox) Anyway these are all great suggestions. Please continue posting.

•Emerald Tools, Armor, etc.
•Pixel Painting option with paintings (choose size and the paint with a color wheel option for different colors)
•The Ability to Stack Carpets
•The Ability to Stack Mismatched Slabs/Carpets
•Colored Lamps/Glass
•One Way Glass
•Floating Carpets/Snow on random levels (like a strip of red carpets on the fourth level.)

Most of these being for aesthetic purposes.

Most of these ideas are cool, but they are adding leads (leashes.) Not lead.

Its a shame mojang didnt add the emerald stuff. They were planning on emerald shields/tools and weapons but never go around to it?. Or was that a rumor

WE NEED MORE DOORS. We should also be able to dye more things, especially beds.

Everything everyone’s listed above would be lovely (especially stained glass). I wish they would put in more lighting options. It’s so hard to light buildings such as skyscrapers and make it look good. That’s why I think we need spotlights or lights we can make stronger/weaker so we can light large builds or things from a distance.

•Redstone Lamp Menus:
Right click on a Redstone Lamp with a Redstone Torch or Redstone Dust to display the menu. Have a bar similar to those in the “Esc” menu (like the Music bar) that has a little bar that you move around to display the percentage of the lighting. On the other side/bottom of the menu, there could be a thing that displays the block radius of the light in red, orange, yellow, and green to hint the brightness/weakness.
•Shields (With the same materials as swords, picks etc,) including Emerald and Obsidian
•Glass Doors (For aesthetics mainly.)
•Rope/Pulleys - Brings up chests and such.
•Mining Helmets - Helmets that display a bit of light (but only a little bit) while in dark areas. They have 0 protection, and their durability bar runs out based on how long you’ve used the light and what type of helmet it is.
•Obsidian Picks - Can break bedrock, but breaking bedrock fully depletes after mining only one, but takes as much time to mine as obsidian so you’re not just sittin at your computer all day, being like: “ONE MINUTE! I need to finish mining this bedrock!”
•Dyeable Beds - The three wool colors you use add the same color to the blankets as they would to leather armor.
•Different Wood Fences

another thing would be an option on cloud level

Right when I saw weapons I KNEW what you were gonna say next. Coincidence? I think not.

But what I think they should add is this… The ability to move and command your own ship or plane! Ya know like those big ass pirate ships you make that just sit there doing nothing? It would be sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool if mojang made it where you can drive them! I would seriously LOVE minecraft forever if that came out. I know theres a mod like that for flying customized planes, but that mod like kills your pc.

Also I want kites.

Two words: Movecraft Plugin

•Smart Moving

Zepplen mod :3

I wouldnt mind if they added armour movment mod to minecraft.

rpg inventory
divine rpg
better bows mod
Better swords mod
The rest of mo creatures
Mutant creatures (all, spawn incredibly rare and at bed rpck)
Zepplin mod
Aether mod

Incorperate new map types in the world creation screen (e.g skylands, alpha generation, beta, infdev)
Add at least some of Biomes O’ Plenty

For me its all about building decorative,

Panels for walls would be cool,
Furniture or more things that can be used as furniture,
More deco blocks
More options for doors, windows, roofs
More blocks in general.

You can tell I spend to much time building can’t you? :o

Stained glass panes/windows would be great. Hmm, perhaps some more door designs, glass doors would be wicked. Some more uses for emeralds. Dyeing beds, customisable paintings, coloured signs. Mainly decorative stuff really.

EDIT: Oh, other colours for bricks would be great as well.

[size=12pt]hallelujah, I’ve been waiting for someone to say more bricks. Also, some other variation of cobblestone, but in a more beige color with different shapes of stones in the block… ehhh Like this?

Or like these