Welcome to 1.14!

Thank you everyone for your patience during the server down time as we migrated to our new server. We decided that this time would be the perfect opportunity to update us to 1.14.4 and for us to release our new plans for survival. Massive shout out to everyone who’s worked extremely hard to get us back up especially, _andy, Mannriah and Octo. Another big shout out to _specialk for finding us a new server.

How our Survival map works is changing, and that means a new map (Don’t worry, the old one will be available for download soon). We’ve decided to bring the game closer to the vanilla experience, removing teleports, flight, and our economy plugin. Here is the information you need to know:

New Survival Changes:

Removal of ALL transport commands on the survival map.

  • With the exemption of /bed, which will take you to your most recently slept in bed.

  • List of removed commands includes: /warp, /tp, /tpa, /tppos, /back, /jump, /home, /fly, /top, /thru, /ascend, /descend, Etc.

  • You will need to use your feet, minecarts, boats, horses, and the nether to make your way around the map.

  • You can teleport back to the last bed you slept in at any point from any map using /bed

Significant reduction in map size (12k x 12k)

Difficulty set to normal to make the new MC combat system less frustrating


LWC will remain unchanged.


We’ve removed the economy plugin and will be replacing it with a new trade plugin soon™.


We know that dungeons will be looted fairly quickly, and it’s no fun when there’s no loot left. To combat this, we will be adding a crate system in the future. Keys for these crates will be obtained by voting for the server, and through server events, and the loot will be based on the loot you get from various naturally generated dungeon chests, as well as some of our own themed crates.

These are only the major changes to our survival world - Check the survival rules for all the details.



thank jeb for polished andesite stairs


The main reason me and several other people I’m sure bought donator was th ability to fly in survival. Now that this is gone can we have something to replace it or what?

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Most donator perks are still available including:

  • Custom nickname (+ colours)
  • Extra TP commands
  • Extra homes (still usable in creative)
  • Priority server slot
  • In game tag

We’re quite limited on what we can offer due to the Minecraft EULA but if people have suggestions we’re happy to consider them

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Technically giving donators fly in survival violated the EULA in the first place, so it wasn’t a sustainable practice. We’ll likely add some more cosmetic plugins for you guys to play around with @realmarkzuck and if you have any suggestions hit us up :slight_smile:


EDIT: There appears to be a bit of confusion about teleporting in and out of survival.

*To clarify, you cannot use any commands that allow you TP or Transport yourself into/across/within the survival map. Under NO circumstances are players allowed to tp to others FROM creative into survival. The only commands you may use to enter survival are currently ‘/bed’ and ‘/warp sspawn’.

Staff performing staff-related duties can use /TPO where necessary, however it is prohibited when not performing a staff task.

where will the map be posted when its ready?

It’ll be posted here when ready. We’ve been poking things on the new server for a since the upgrade so we haven’t had the opportunity to make it available. Should be able to do that in the next couple of days.

Heads up the /homes command is still enabled and is basically /bed without the timer

The map download for the old survival map is up as Survival 1.10

Maybe adding cutsom capes with the banner :open_mouth: