Map Archive

Map Archive

A collection of maps that are no longer in-use on our server

These maps are made available as a courtesy to players who have spent countless hours building and contributing to the community’s Minecraft maps. However, misuse of the maps may result in termination of this service.

The primary link is a direct download, mirrors are from Google Drive or Mega. Note that Mega has a daily download cap which is smaller than some maps (which means you may need to either, split the download over 2 days, or sign up for a Mega account).

Extra information (e.g. town coordinates) is available for some maps

Unfortunately the 1.9 Survival download is missing significant amounts of the world.

Map Size Download Link Mirrors Warps Webmap
Survival 1.17.1 4GB Download 1 Webmap
Creative 1.12 31GB Download List
Survival 1.10 5GB Download
Creative 1.11 6.6GB Download
Rancho 1.9.4 497MB Download 1    2 Webmap
Survival 1.9.4 1.1GB Download 1    2
Market 1.9.4 120MB Download 1    2
Big City (Old) 134MB Download 1    2
Creative 1.8 2.2GB Download 1    2 List
Lobby 3.1GB Download 1    2
Survival 2 40.4MB Download 1    2
Creative 1.7 2.2GB Download 1    2
Survival 1.7 1.7GB Download 1    2 List

The old creative map is now available. Be aware it is 31GB!

If you want to check the integrity of your download, the SHA-1 hash is 4638F2966E488F081FC7F49417B10B51E37AAAB9