Welcome Back!

Welcome to the shiny new PCB website version 3!

Although it’s terribly bug-ridden and incomplete at this point, specialk insisted it be uploaded. Nonetheless, enjoy!

(The event system has not been built yet. Please do not pester me about it)

this is bloody amazing!

i got on just now and was like OMG OMG OMG! ;D

loving the bar on the bottom as well!

all around amazing, im going to go exploring now!

Wow! What a difference, and I do like the new logo <3

Love the new smooth look!

one thing i did notice. under the staff section of the website, it has me as a Mod, and not under Operator. could we plaese fix that?

This. Is. AMAZING! Awesome job andy! This is so cool! :smiley:

Right, I can’t login easily with my phone. I love the persistent bar on the desktop, but on mobile its quite tough to get to. If a browser is detected as mobile could it switch to a concrete bar, so its easier to get to?

OMG This layout is so different. Can’t believe this!!! I was thinking i went to the wrong site for a while. :o o.O

and i understand that mate. i just wanna be sure its not overlooked XD

I love it Andy! I just wish it were more mobile friendly. Oh and everything on the homepage is stacked on top of eachother. Other than that it’s wonderful!

Banned user for spam. Someone remove these 2 posts please? for some reason SOP can’t on announcements. -Ruby

Removed. I’ve banned a spammer this morning as well. New forums aren’t quite as resistant, I haven’t checked, but I don’t think there is a captcha. Edit another banned and deleted.

… Why are we suddenly getting random people to come to the forum all of the sudden?

i got this one.

Edit by Andy: removed the spam links (probably virus ridden)

Where is recent unread… D:

on the bar at the bottom under forum links Brodur

This has to be the best site layout for a mc server… ever,


There’s a few features on the forums still missing, sorry guys. The good old spam prevention we had on the old forums aren’t on here yet. You guys just have to do your job for a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad to see it up despite it’s unfinished state. The bar at the bottom really is amazing. Could we move the “Unread posts since last visit” somewhere more accessible? Like on the bar itself? I use that button more than any other and am missing it near the top.

I still don’t like the yellowish background… far too much white on white/yellow.

really really bright