We are upgrading!

Edit: we’re back!
[size=2.65em]New IP:
Dynmap: (until pcbmc.co updates)



[size=12px]Over the next few hours we will be migrating PCB to a new server box. The existing server will be down for a few hours whilst this happens.
[size=12px]This new server is brand new, and is much faster, making the PCB Experience™ much better.
[size=12px]You will be able to access the server through pcbmc.co in about 24-48 hours time. Alternatively, you will be able to access the server through an IP address which will be posted shortly.

What will happen to my stuff?
We are keeping the current creative, survival and BigCity maps. All of your items and buildings will remain.
How will I know when the server is up again?
We’ll post on the forums when the server is back up again.

Yass Spec, you legend! 8)

cool cant wait to check the new server :slight_smile:

Yeaaa boi, I’m mad excite

I can’t wait until we can go back on the server. So excited too!

Omg I am so excited!!!



Finally xD

aaaaand we’re back!

Check the first post for the new IP.

Yaaaay! Woop wooop wooooop!

Just a huge thanks to the Admin for upgrading the server.

Another thing to note, be certain to RELOCK all chests signs and doors that you want locked, including chestshops!!!


Big thanks to Andy!

I very much look forward to It™.

Looking forward to it!

Thanks guys!

Admins are awesome <3
(Even the elusive TKPenalty)

That sounds great! Does this mean that the server won’t restart occasionally? And, is there a less frequency of people disconnecting from the server?

What are you talking about, they’re all elusive xD

i see that u didnt fix my problem still :C

Good to hear. Is there going to be a new survival map?