Vote for Our Server!


The server has now been listed on multiple voting websites. We need help from you in order to get votes. Voting on four of the links will give you $25 per link in game cash. Remember to type in your Minecraft username when you vote.

Possible total $100 every 24 hours. - $25 when you vote - $25 when you vote - $25 when you vote - $25 when you vote - No reward at the moment
Instructions on how to vote with NameMC

You do not need to be on the server to receive your money anymore. The server does however need to be online for your payment to be processed
Updated 7th of December, 2016



Gotta vote for them all! PCB!


Voted for all three. money flows down on me Ka-ching!


Also! On you can write reviews!


The “Vote for Us” button at the top of our site now links to this thread :slight_smile:


Voted all 4 times. :3


Just to let you guys know, you need to be on the server to receive the full $100. The pending list only adds your name once, so if you vote 4 times and you are not online, you will only get $25.

I’ll have a look at the plugin tomorrow to find some better ‘listeners’, that can work when players are offline.


Voted for all four! Everybody PLEASE vote, you dont know how much it means.


What happened to the original voting site?


I believe it didnt support Votifier(Listeners)


Remember to vote EVERY DAY

If you get $100 a day for voting

that’s $700 a week

or $3,000 a month

or 36,500 a year

or 3,3…

Anyway, just vote every day :smiley:


Every time i try to vote on the servers it tells me that it cant verify an image. IDK what it means please help. :’(


You need to click the little verification box somewhere next to the vote
Button. It will ask you to click certain pictures to make sure you’re human.


I can never complete those.
Im a dancer…


Is your scripting off? I had to allow it thru NoScript for the verification to work.


Voted! We need to put PCB on top!


Remember, you can get $100 in-game EVERY DAY just by typing your username!


can I vote on other sites and get $25?


I dont believe so. I think theres a plugin that allows us to get the money. I dunno honestly


The answer is no. We are watching those 4 links and no others. Thus, even if you vote elsewhere, we won’t see it.