Treecaptiator Plugin

I want to revive this thread, I think this would be a very useful part of our community as lets admit it, some of these trees are a major pain in the butt. (Refer to the Original Thread made by @A_Good_Shrimp here in December of 2017: Treecaptiator Plugin)

I know that it may be difficult to impliment due to people being able to chop down a whole forest and then not build, but admittingly this would be an awesome plugin. If we can find ways to prevent such widespread messes, that would be totally amazing. These custom trees get in the way a ton in city building and I’m pretty sure that staff aren’t allowed to use their World Edit abilities to chop down such a large area. Understandably I do know the risks, but perhaps in the future this would be a good plugin to introduce to our community, as many people refuse to build in heavily wooded areas, typically they find plains or other biomes that lack trees. With this plugin we could kill two birds with one stone (rip birds) by one allowing Trusted+ or Mod+ with this ability, so that we won’t have too much chaos and two freeing space so that players won’t need to complain about ‘full’ maps. However I do realize there would be opposition to this as many do not know if there is a possibilty to prevent such a widespread disaster if it were ever to go wrong, but if there was a way to logblock the area to see who broke a tree and such, or to put a limit on how much of an area you can break (Such as a cooldown or something), I believe that this plugin may be resourceful to the builders on this server. Despite the controversy, I believe if Staff found a loophole that allowed this plugin to work in the near future, it would help this server and its players greatly.


I think this would be very useful, looking at the map people really dislike building in biomes with large amounts of trees.

Staff can remove trees without flattening terrain. I can understand players frustrations, but giving out access to something like this will result in a very barren landscape.

To be fair removal of trees with WE isnt exactly simple (roots are longer in ground and WE cubic selections cut through trees halfway).

If the plugin just destroys a full tree that chances are you’d destroy anyway, why not be able to do it yourself if you could?

I doubt it would make the land any more barren than a WE clearance or hand-destroying a tree would do considering desired outcomes would be the same. If you mean griefing then we could either nerf the plugin’s usefulness or limit it to a rank.

My thoughts on this.

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Perhaps it could be a donator perk

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I do think this is a good idea .

In regards to Wairoa’s concerns that why can’t people destroy a tree by themselves I think it’s a matter of how many they will have to remove. For instance, there is little to zero space left now for plains and so people have started to build towns above the trees, which to be frank is very ugly and I have seen that people have just lost interest and have been left frustrated with removing all the trees. Considering the forests are basically all custom, none of the leaves in the forests do not disappear; meaning more work into removing them.

I also don’t think it will make land barren - builds will simply be built upon them as if they were never there preventing barren landscapes. As Wairoa has also started it wouldn’t make land any more barren than WE clearance.

I do think donator plus should have this. In fact, this could be a perk that we give to donators to help drive up support, which is what has been discussed on Trello a while ago.

This my opinion on this.

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If this were to be a future impliment perhaps, I agree that the best bet would be to have this as a donator perk. I’d like to see more staff agree to this thread because admittingly no one is here 24/7 to help with tree removal using w/e or something else like that. It’d promote the donator rank and make it better, and this would also let players have access to building more widespread terrains, for example jungles, mountainous areas, etc., without the need to bother staff for something like clearing the land. Also as Wairoa pointed out

I’d say that if not this year, that whenever the 1.13 plugins are updated, this could be considered as a plugin candidate.

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If we could put a cooldown on the command usage, for example three times every 20 minutes or something, that might be a fair compromise.


that seems like a good compromise, and if players require more trees in lesser time to be cut down then they have to ask a staff member to w/e it down or do it by hand.

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One thing that probably needs to be coded in- our custom trees are of multiple blocks, I hope it just aims for all wood rather than one block

I have to agree with @Andy on this one. Seems like a good and sensible idea.

When posting on the original thread by @A_Good_Shrimp, my concerns focused on the overexpectations of eliminating trees, because if one were to punch the log of a tree and all the adjacent logs and leaves disperse, then there is a chance that all connecting trees will be eliminated, and one’s that are manually made could too disappear.

However, a solution could be made. As long as the logs of a tree are cleared and the leaves are spared, a Treecapitator Plugin, to me, would be more beneficial to the server than if the plugin were to focus on more blocks than the logs unless it could recognize the generated trees to the one’s that are player made. A command, like /deltree, can activate the plugin to the player who enters that command, and a cooldown period @Andy mentioned could lock the command until that cooldown period expires.

Overall, a regulated Treecapitator Plugin can eliminate the presence of unwanted trees and the presence of any large scale greifing. To me, this can benefit the server.

PCB now

PCB with this plugin


since when is this a lorax reference… :joy:

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Would a plugin that kills the whole tree even recognise the EWG trees as trees?

Well, we’ll leave the response to this to the upper staff, if its denied then its clearly because of bugs or issues, if it passes, it passes. Also bumping it so people don’t forget about it’s existance

I disagree with a time based cool down. I think the best option would be making donator/trusted+ because if members need help there’d likely be someone able to do so. Also because when I need to break trees for a road or something, 3 trees every 20 minutes would make for VERY slow progress in dense forests.
Also, @Wairoa it depends on how the plugin was programmed. If it destroys all logs connected to the log you select, it doesn’t make a different what shape the tree is it. If it’s programmed to detect and destroy tree schematics, there’s a problem (But I’ve never seen this done well)
I believe most plugins use the first method.

It’d be best to use a plugin that makes you input a command before the tool destroys trees to prevent accidents in survival.

If it’s using that second method it would be even easier to grief things, like if a building were dominated by logs the plugin would destroy every log in the build. Therein lies the biggest issue with having this plugin. We have no method of repairing damage it can cause

That is true, but honestly I believe it is a risk worth taking. Usually (and this is just from my point of view) I hand break trees near my builds. I only ask for assistance when it is far away and I plan to build, so people just need to be careful, because either or this plugin could help a lot of projects, and who knows we may even see a few more cities pop up. But, as mentioned before, I believe this could work out as a Donator+ perk

That’s where the rank limit comes in.
Perhaps there could almost be a limit to the number of breakable logs, but honestly I’ve seen few buildings with large masses of solid logs