Treecaptiator Plugin

Hello! Im new to PCB and I have come to love this server in the way it performs. However as everything in this world needs improvement I do have one suggestion. That being the Treecaptiator plugin, this plugin allows for quicker demolition of trees among the terrain of the world by only breaking the base of it. I do realize the challenges of this with the custom world terrain we currently have as of December 2017, but I do at least think its worth a try. The reason I am making this a suggestion is for the people who do not have unlimited access to World Edit. It becomes very difficult to build cities in forest land. With that being said it limits the possibilities that could unravel in the creative realm. Thank you for your time!

  • A_Good_Shrimp formerly known as Acerx999

I love this idea, this is definitely one to think about!

[size=36pt]We. Must. Have. It.

Like, seriously. Cities would be more spread out and there could be less conflicts between builds.

Tbh I wish I could find one of the thousands of times someone has said “we try to keep pcb as vanilla as possible”, but there’s just so many

I wouldn’t necessarily be against this, but im not for it either. Theres a possibility it could work, theres a possibilty it does not recognize the trees developed for the map as trees, because they aren’t really “trees” (therefore not working on them/ only working on vanilla trees), its possible that if someone only wanted to destroy part of a tree, the whole thing would be destroyed, and it is possible that if you punch any kind of log structure the whole thing will come collapsing down. Adding onto the last bit, if logblock can only read the block destroyed, then only that block will be able to be rolled back.

gotta work for your dreams
can’t make it too easy.

A_Good_Shrimp, your suggestion is quite interesting, and would help chop trees at a much faster rate. However, I do fear that this plugin could possibly eliminate an entire tree with the punch of a log, unless this is only executed under a command, like /deltree, so no such mistake could occur without assurance. Also, if this plugin were to be accepted, I think it would be best to give this ability to Trusted/Donaters+ so that no griefers take this plugin to their advantage and eliminate every tree 200 blocks around in a matter of two minutes.

Basically, I’m split on this plugin. It can be dangerous depending on who holds the ability, and would replace the idea of utilizing the trees in your region to your advantage. Imagine plowing every tree in sight and only completing a section of your design, there would only be buildings and no natural trees unless you build them. It would seem barren.

That is true, the Trusted/Donator is a flawless idea in fact I should have written that in the original post. However we do still have saplings to replace trees so I don’t seem to see how anything being barren could be an issue?

The guaranteed benefits far outweigh possible drawbacks, please implement this.

Great Idea, I would add a poll tho @A_Good_Shrimp

Yes please :slight_smile:

I mean the feel of the terrain gen would be kinda ruined in one part but the idea is still great although there has been a
thread of this already

I was looking for you, sneaky thread.

The general consensus was no.

maybe mod+?

There’s no use at that point because the staff team would just be continually asked to remove trees as we already are with WorldEdit.

Trusted+? Maybe we could have a daily limit set for trees “decapitated”? And you cannot exceed it?

I actually don’t mind the concept behind a tree plugin. The trees in creative are indeed quite large and breaking them is a pain. Assuming the plugin will break trees one at a time, I’m quite sold on it. The only thing that irks me is that people will destroy waaaaay too many trees and turn the landscape into this ugly barren place. I have no idea if the plugin will recognise the EWG trees as normal trees when it functions either. If it can’t recognise them, we probably can’t use it anyway.

If there’s a big enough demand we could always build a custom plugin. But yes, I agree there needs to be a way to limit it or else people will deforest the whole map.

Since it is an instant tree deleter and you don’t need to ask staff for w/e help. Maybe people will start only decapitating trees that they NEED gone instead of planning 10 hours before and cutting down half a forest and after changing idea.

@_andy I could have old my dev create something that’d limit the block destruction, perhaps only removing the 6 sided log blocks instead of regular logs (Since most of the trees use 6 sided logs) in a configurable radius to where the tool is used (Or removal based on schematics, if that’s possible)

The dev could also set up a log file to record who uses the command (combining entries that are made within a certain length of each other)