TP off

I think there should be a command that will only allow people to TPA to you staff exempt course what you guys think???

This was brought up not long ago. Personally, it can be a bit annoying having tons of trusted and donators teleporting to, messing with you and hitting you. I know staff have tptoggle, which disables others from teleporting to them. I think it’d be nice if donators/trusted also had this command, but still making it able for staff to tp to them.

I agree Robin. I had an issue before relevant to this. I think we should be able to turn off out tp.

I am saying that this is ok for some reasons but the members should definitely not have tp toggle…

y not when I was a member I found it a little creepy when people just TP to me without asking

A post/poll on this subject has been posted already but not yet determined if its official.

Tptoggle will doubtfully ever be available to member ranks. Most of the griefers are member ranks, and a lot of the grief is reported by the community and all of the players. (Yes, all of you!) And if members had their toggle off, some of the Trusted and Donator players who report the grief would be unable to randomly TP to those players and catch them. It would also make catching griefers a bit harder.

Kurry you are a genius I have been trying to say this foreever. THANK YOU ;D

i agree with kurry up there

Would tptoggle ever be available to donators/trusted to prevent other donators/trusted from tping to them?

I think Donors have it, or had it anyways.

Ok, I know a am brand new here. Even got to log into server for about 90 seconds yesterday. But as far as TP’ing goes, I don’t want anyone TP’ing to me. I like to build in peace and quiet. I can understand Admin’s popping in now and then to see what I am doing. Everyone else can stay away unless I accept their TP request. I have left servers in the past for peeps TP’ing to me uninvited. Had 1 server where Owner was on checking out my underground city (building to match Menzoberranzan). Another player TP’ed to him and within 20 seconds had killed 4 sheep and 2 villagers “by accident”. Needless to say, I logged out and never returned. So I don’t care if you are trusted, gave money to the server (which I do when I find one I like), or are sleeping with the server owner, I should be able to block you TP’ing to me unless you have a valid reason too and only Admin’s have one.

I think Donators and Trusted ranks should have tptoogle. Members and guests shouldn’t - for obvious reasons.

You have valid points I do understand the caution about letting members turn teleporting off I hope the admin’s consider adding this

By Admins I assume you mean server staff? Otherwise the points you raise are valid.

yha derp

But as Kurry said before the trusted are helpers to staff to report the acts of grief and and other acts deserving bannishment. You members are to have constant survalence.

I like how noone even noticed my post… or cared to confirm it, anyways…

I don’t exactly agree with kurry on this, 1st of all I do agree with mark that people should be able to have some peace and quiet without being staff and using TPtoggle, and sure trusted and donators like to help out with new guest but its not exactly their job to be watching them all the time and really if they are always constantly watching them like a hawk without being invisible its fucking creepy. Its fine if they just TP to spawn and show them around and tell them whats the deal with our server but about them stopping Greifers, its not their job and if they do try to show around someone and they grief, they are just a forum post away from help.

Donators never had tptoggle.