To all those pokemon fans!

Well I just learned today that they’re making a new pokemon game! They’re calling it pokemon Black and White 2. In these games they’re giving Kyurem new forms!

AWESOME!!! This looks cool.

They need to remake something like this!

And I have ALL of the original games… Maybe I should remake them myself in the Black and White Engine O:

that reminds me
i need moar ROMS

Please, Pokemon Pinball is where it’s at :stuck_out_tongue:

YES :smiley:

Although I only have the GameBoy Advance version :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes Andy! I have that game too. Never did catch em all. Really random results in that game.

pokemnon Emerald: 95%
when i last saved a game on platinum while i had emerald’s cartridge in my DS it fucked itself and deleted the game.
Dickbutt my lvl. 100 Blastoise R.I.P.

red blue yellow: 100% (even had mew through the glitch ;))
Silver Gold:100%
Crystal: 95% gave up on Entei and Raikou and therefore Ho-Oh
Saphire/Ruby: 90%
Emerald: neverplayed
Diamond:100% (400+hours XD)
Black:100% and now restarted @ 50%
White neverplayed

waiting for my Sapphire remake

Lawl the last one i even considered playing was emerald.

Crystal 100%
Ruby 101% (favorite game)
Emerald 99%
Coliseum 99%
XD 100% I even purified shadow Lugia :3
Pearl 99%
Platinum 100%
White 101%
Black 100%

I actually really hate the 3rd gen (ruby/sapphire/emerald) overall and when a friend got excited over the announced remake for the 3rd gen, all I said was “So what it sucked”