Scouring teh Forums

I got bored, and found some old posts. xD

As it turns out, Shad, you foreshadowed the newest Pokemon games.

Peoples, find cool stuffs in old posts!


I found some cool sounding seeds in this one:

I doubt they work in 1.8/1.7.10 though… Gonna try 'em anyway!

Last time I went into the old posts I didn’t…

Also found this! So many memories of this map. xD

Oh my god that post is the whole reason I actually bought the game. I remember I tried downloading the map once, but it was gunna take like 3 years to convert it into the new save format… Did anyone ever get it to work? I think we had a server with it on for a short time…

But yeah, so many memories :slight_smile:

Scared Sacred. xD

Anyone remember that time that JoeAbunga and I found a complex of tunnels filled with TNT under classic BigCity? Freaked us out till we got to the bottom of that! Here’s the topic.

Wow my grammar and spelling was terrible back then. Nice to know I’m doing better now LOL.

If only this had some sort of relevance to now.

Wow, one of my earliest posts too. I was just discovering what slow chunk loading looked like! I miss that excitement from everyone, even myself. Twas a new journey.

Lol, you guys got mad at me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha thank god no one ever found that detonate button

Edit: oh wait, Hard found it :frowning:

Wait it still works ?!?!?!?!?!

Want me to start up classic so you can try it??? It’s all still there…

I love this.


Ooohhhh yeah i like big buttons that go kaboom :slight_smile: will have to find a good time though and I have no idea how to classic…