Things to be addressed

Lately things have been weird lately. People have not been nice to each-other lately. I would like to publicly Address a couple of things.

@Anthjmon10 Im Sorry for being a total dick about the whole diamond thing. I was just confused because I honestly didnt remember the thread. I was worried because this was a huge announcement that could affect the economy so im sorry. I dont hate you, I never hated you, I just tend to fuss over things because thats who I am.

@koalamama Im sorry for holding some long ass grudge. I sometimes cannot let things go and find reasons to hate someone for no reason. I just needed to realize how loyal you still are and how good of a friend you are. Sorry for treating you like shit the past year. Its something in my personality that will focus on the past and grasp onto them and not let it go. I realized that, and Im sorry.

@Ducky Im sorry for being a total bitch that one day when you came on intoxicated. Im sorry for giving you shit for like a couple weeks after that. I just get defensive over some stuff and I have dealt with many alcoholic friends in the past. It just hits me sometimes and I end up fussing over. Im Sorry.

@Certain People on Teamspeak

Thank you for providing my Irl friends a different perspective on me and the people i “hang out with,” and the shit i apparently do. Yall really did embarrass the shit out of me. I usually dont speak up often but love them racist jokes amirite? No, Some people need to know that there is a fuckin line when jokin around. I was trying to go into another channel with my friend only to be followed into that channel repeatedly. But forgive and forget right, I have dealt with worse. :slight_smile:


Everyone needs to get their shit together. I know courage can be annoying at times (no offense, still love ya man) and we all said/done our part about him but hes a human being. Everyone has their ups and downs and quirks and derps.

Ugh this is basically my claim for world peace pcb edition


Its late at night and im tired and I go through these phases of thinking and this is like one of those moments. Still love you all so i guess this is all i have to say honestly.

Yeah, noticed this too…weird… :stuck_out_tongue:



[size=14pt]Very well said Javi!

My own little rant here:

Yes, I do know it is fun to screw around with guests. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I do it all the time. However, my own way of doing it is practically innocent; I fill their inventories with my useless junk. All it takes is throwing it away, and often times, I will include nice things, like ores, etc. However, we have had cases lately when players are either deliberately “trolled” to the point of aggravation, or we have been generally mistreating some members. Not only this, but some behavior lately in chats/forums has been very awkward, and unneeded. Don’t get me wrong, I am one of the people who has been a part of the Quotes thread. I have been enjoying it immensely. However, I do see now that some of the things that have been being said in our community has got to dwindle down somewhat.

We all have to remember our basic, few rules guys. Respect other players, and keep it PG13 reasonably. I may curse like a sailor every now and then, but I know when too much is too much. Let’s all work to all get along, and make this an easier experience to enjoy, not make people uncomfortable.

Javi, the only reason I continued to make those jokes is that you have actually told me before that you don’t care, and you think it’s funny. If you ever change your mind, and you do care, just tell me, and I’ll stop.

I apologise for following you. I was an idiot. Live and learn eh?

Aye, same here. I can’t really tell if I’m offending someone unless they tell me. That goes to anyone: If I upset you, tell me and I will apologise and stop. :slight_smile:

It’s like playschool or some shit.

Well, I evidently don’t know the whole story.
Flaminals was being a little annoying to people, and got banned eventually for asking stupid questions (e.g. why can’t I fly in survival?). She learned her lesson eventually, and was un-banned after some discussion.
Then, she asked a sensible question a while later.

I’m guessing I missed something, because I don’t really think he’s the type to do that.
Un-banning is supposed to mean a second chance. She was un-banned, so surely she should be treated like a normal Member. The second chance is supposed to mean the staff pays more attention to what you do, to make sure you don’t step out of line again.

I don’t know what’s happening, I’m guessing people have had a few rough days.

Really guys? I stop playing minecraft (for the 30th time or something) and this happens? God, I should get back on and sort this out with some really bad, cringe worthy puns.

Welcome to PCB. A place of alternating times of fun and petty disagreements. :wink:

I love puns

Yep, IIRC you joined a few minutes before that. For quite a while now she had been practically spamming the chat with random remarks and comments. She probably should have got the message that nobody cared by the fact that nobody had even acknowledged anything she had said. I can’t even remember what the “sensible” question was, so I cannot comment on the sensibility of it, but from what I do remember it probably wasn’t sensible/important/relevant.

I’ll put you in the punitentiary if you do. <.<

That was definately not very punny.

Wow, are these jokes tasers? They truly are stunning.
I’m sorry, thats the only pun I have. I had loads about amnesia, but I can’t remember them.

I’d tell you a joke about peanut butter, but you’d probably spread it. .3.

Take it from a guy who’s left and come back again on numerous occasions:

Grow a fucking pair.

But some of the people on here are females, and they probably don’t want to. Unless… naw, I won’t go there.

We have people being offended and people acting as they shouldn’t. Maybe instead of making shit posts like this, which are completely insensitive and downright ridiculous, you take “a leave” again if we are in such need of growing a pair, as you say.

That shit don’t roll with me, homeboy.