The Purge

Greetings PCB Community!

We are pleased to tell you that the update for 1.8 is just around the corner! The staff have discussed and concluded that we will be getting a new survival map (and nether) while saving the current creative one as much of it is still open.

We are currently deciding what we wish to do with the current survival map and have come up with two options:

Option 1:
A standard reset - a simple and effective way to get the new map.

Option 2:
“The Purge”. During this event, you will be able to run rampant throughout the survival world (NOT creative) and grief with whatever means you have at your disposal (besides client-side mods). No towns would be safe from this grief. This would last for 2 to 3 days and be followed by the new map like the previous option.

We do however want to make sure that no feelings are hurt and that tensions do not rise during the purge. For this reason, whatever you choose, there will be a world download available after we start the 1.8 map. Your builds will not be discarded and lost forever!

The purpose in this thread is to get the opinions of all of you guys, and decide on an action that best suits everyone, so please vote wisely!

'bout time :smiley: I can FINALLY BLOW UP APPLEWOOD :DDDDDD

pls vot 4 purg 2 mak javis drem com tru

Purge all the way.

Opportunities like this are few and far between. The map reset is inevitable. Why not have some fun getting rid of it?

Let’s have some fun with this. PURGE!


I voted standard reset. I will go with whatever happens, but i’m worried about things going out of hand.

I do not want to see my hard work for my towns an buildings getting blown up so i vote normal reset

I vote Purge, but, what about storage space. Is it only what we can fit into our inventory? And what about all the people who worked hard to open the shops? What about the creative, is that just going to be updated, or will it stay 1.7.10?

I think that the creative map should be reset in some way. There is hundreds of inactive players who have unfinished builds that will never be finished. I don’t know about you guys but I hate unfinished builds. Im not voting for a total reset but something. Im not sure you will ever find a solution. But, That can wait…We are talking about survival, Right! haha

John stated that there will be a download available for the map with all of the preserved buildings :slight_smile:

Let it burn.

I have one question and one question only.


Keep in mind you don’t have to go on the server if you don’t want to see your builds deystroyed. Also, the save of the world has already been completed if any of you are wondering. Happy arson. :smiley:

Its gonna be sad to see some of the towns go but purge all the way >: )


can we keep enderchest contets?

I feel we should be able to keep our inventory and enderchest

It has already decided that we have a complete reset without taking over money and items. this way we keeps it fair and square for everyone. this has been decided by the whole staff section and thus will not change.

As yomi said, reset means reset.

No inventory transfers.
No pods.
No ender chest transfers.
No build transfers.
No money transfers.

Everything in survival will be new.

I’m all for a purge if the map is being wiped but I also feel that some (a scarce few) special buildings should be preserved on the new survival map if the owner so wishes and his/her building is approved. Although I have been with PCB for years I haven’t really been very active so I don’t assume my thoughts will be valued as much as others’. Anyway I hope everyone is happy with the change and Happy New Year to everybody!

Please don’t double post,
and no, nothing will be carried over, the only thing remaining the same is the creative map.

Damn man. I never thought I’d see the day when PCB does a true reset.

What glorious time to be alive.