The Purge

Guys vote standard reset, its fun to purge stuff but realistically wouldnt u want to start afresh as soon as possible? This server is for building stuff, u can purge anywhere else so why not vote standard reset instead of wasting another three days till the update!!


I’m all for the purge if the map is available for download. ;D

since i joined almost 2 years ago it is now happening for the second time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After the reset you will have plenty of time to build on the new map. The purge is a time to have fun and to blow off some steam. Literally blow off the steam. XD


Lets just hope that guests that join that day don’t think we have gone completely mad…

Also you said the creative map won’t be reset, but i think it could get filled before 1.9 so how long will the creative map be in use?

Our money balance stays? correct?


I voted purge, I spend most of my time in creative anyways. Goodbye (insert random town name here).

I can’t remember when I joined. I wanna say 4 years ago? Not sure. But yeah, granted I was away for at least 1 year of those 4.

oh my jeebus. is this finally happening?
took us long enough.


having not finished my own town after two years of building it alone im sad to see all thet progress go away but im glad i can begin anew and not go so overbooard like i did lol.

Aww yuss. Can;t wait to make a new town and stop building halfway through the process and never play minecraft again until the map reset after it.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

Hold on…
I thought that money was server-wide…?
If money gets reset for survival, it would also reset for creative, because they’d be the same thing… right?

Yeah. In theory money shouldn’t be used in creative. There’s no need for it.

I was selling ad space in the Delfino Town Hall… I would give refunds, but nobody’s bought the ad spaces AFAIK… :stuck_out_tongue:

Could I record my Purge (if I ever upload it, I’ll credit the server)

Sure thing.