The Purge

So, I think this has been brought up before, but it was discussed today on the server as a possible event. What if we set up one day as a no-rules day, akin to a scenario from The Purge, where all forms of PvP, looting, griefing, and mass destruction are allowed. At the end of the day the server could just be reset to the condition it was in during the previous day. Perhaps rewards could be worked out for the most kills/destruction.

I think this could be a fun concept that would allow people to blow off steam and violence without any real consequences, item-wise or rule-wise.

If your against this remember all the good the purge does.

Ha ha. Why not? We will need to set messages to players all day to let them know the purge is happening. None of their work will be saved.

I can help with the backup and restoring if needed. Same with the message. Give me a good line to explain it!

I believe the backups cover both the survival and creative maps, but not player inventories. Be warned, you will still have what you had that day. That is, unless someone makes a backup of the .dat files. WHY CAN’T I DO THAT??? Grrr

Yeeees. Lets fuck shit up.

Does this make prostitution legal as well? Not me asking that, its for a… friend.

ehm i’d prefer not seeing my town getting utterly destroyed just for fun. and if something goes wrong it goes wrong?

Yomi, we take a save of the world, then let everyone go mental for 24 hours, then after that we revert to the saved map so nothing done within those 24 hours is kept.

I do this in my town every now and again but all the people that participate agree on the rules. Its great fun and at the end we just give all our stuff back. The only problem i see is the looting part. Does all the stuff in chest get saved?

Yes. Everything will be saved, but possibly not inventories. We will save inv’s if possible though.

or, dont take out your best belongings, or have them in your enderchest for safekeeping

This should be a 2 day event, day one to prepare, day 2 the purge. That way any traps and stuff we build in the preparation day can be rolled back as well

I like the sound of that too!

I assume firespread would be off? >:3

Also, make it so creepers cause damage to property.

Sounds great to me!

I guess turn all damage preventing stuff off. I’m looking forward to this now… just make sure it’s done on a weekend when I’m here :wink:

All of these ideas are cool. And yeah, we ought to do it on some weekend; makes the most sense for a two-day event.

Locked chests would be okay right?

Why should anything stay locked? Its a destructive free for all. PCB will temporarily be PVP; hide yo shit, hide yo wife.

wouldn’t it be easier to just take down all the plugins and go full vanilla?

Cos it really is that easy >.>