The Project City Build Panda Express

Today is a historic day on our server. May 15th, 2020 AD marked the construction and first usage of the Panda Express; a 16,093 block long railway from Fili’s city to xQT’s for the sole purpose of transporting pandas. At the start there is a Panda-vator, a system of elevator flying machines to raise the pandas from ground level to the height of the railway. At the end is the Takeout Box, where the pandas are somewhat-humanely housed. Along the treacherous journey, there was a 50% mortality rate of Pandas riding the rail line.

As mob spawning has been turned off, these pandas are an endangered species, making their transportation equally dramatic and historic.

The Panda Express is the longest railway to be constructed on the 8th Creative Map, built by jmvvana per request of xQT and The Panda Express will be removed once transportation has been completed (some segments may be kept as a monument to the journey).

Here is an imgur album documenting the First journey along the Panda Express.


That is one smexy railway line my friend


I am so thankful to have partaken in this historic event. Many wishes for the pandas :slight_smile:


QTINC Panda Command would like to express its gratitude towards its employees, supporters and general audience. A special thanks goes out to Joe for making this all possible. Gordo and Tot, I couldn’t have done it without you. As of now, a total of 25 panda’s, including ‘Brownie’, the one and only brown panda on PCB, are safely housed at City Wok City. Feel free to come by to admire our panda capital up close!