The PCB Christmas Tree Comp & Gift Exchange is HERE!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Project City Build!

:christmas_tree: :santa: :snowflake: :snowman: :deer:

To celebrate the winter :cold_face: (or summer :hot_face:) season we’ve introduced a new map to the server! You can access the map via /warp Christmas in-game!

As you take a look around the small winter wonderland, you’ll notice the giant tree located in the centre of the world. But the tree is awfully bare… for a Christmas tree… and that brings us to the competition! :christmas_tree:

This year’s Christmas event will be a tree decorating competition and a gift exchange, we want to see as much of the community come together, old, new and everyone in-between! Basically we want to see the grand old tree covered HEAD TO TOE in your Christmas creations.

As part of the separate gift exchange, we welcome all players to create little gifts to give to other players to be opened on Christmas day! You can put whatever you want inside your presents, be it creative designs, books, sign cards, etc , just keep them relatively compact and don’t take up too much room! If you think your present might be a bit large or you’d like more space please contact Wairoa or Mannriah! (There will be examples under the tree by the warp) Please ensure your present is gift-wrapped and NO PEAKING until the 25th… Santa is watching! :santa: :eyes:


Christmas Tree Decorating Comp Rules:

  • You can make your decorations in any way you want as long as it doesn’t break the rules (no nudity, swearing, offensive content etc).
  • Everyone is welcome to contribute a decoration to the tree.
  • You are welcome to make as many decorations as you want.
  • Please allow a bit of room between other’s baubles and decorations but don’t hog too much space if it starts getting crowded.
  • Due to the nature of the event please limit your decorations to single hanging ones only (If you wish to make long string decorations or something non-standard please just ask either myself, Mannriah or Ouhai_Ruby)
  • We recommend using light blocks of some kind to light up your decorations (if you need the invisible light blocks use /i light or ask a staff member).
  • Please ensure that you finish your decorations off by December the 24th (American West Coast Time) when the competition closes! Any unfinished decorations will be removed.

PRIZES will be awarded to the players with the best overall contribution (multiple baubles of high quality are multiple chances of winning!), and a secondary prize will be awarded to the player with the most unique design. Winners will be decided by a panel of judges consisting off Wairoa, Emfitty & Ouhai_Ruby

First Prize :medal_sports:- (Best overall decorations) - $35USD paid digitally
Second Prize :medal_military:- (Most unique single-decoration) $15USD paid digitally
(Prizes are stackable so both can be won by the same player)

ALL PLAYERS WILL HAVE ACCESS TO: /AST /i and /Speed (WE can be provided at request to builder+)