Christmas 2021 Competition Winners announced!

To start off I wanted to apologise for the delay getting the winners posted for this competition. With the survival reset right after the event we lost a lot of time and this one fell by the way-side.

Ouhai_Ruby, Mannriah and myself have taken a look at the all the honestly amazing decorations you guys made and it was a hard deciding since there were so many cute designs. After a bit of deliberation we have come up with the people we think stood out the most.

Without further adieu our winners for the 2020 Christmas event are:

First Prize :medal_sports:- (Best overall decorations) - $35USD paid digitally
WINNER: @Cavemaker – for his impressive collection of figurine ornaments, they were a standout for this category.

Second Prize :medal_military:- (Most unique single-decoration) $15USD paid digitally
WINNER: @omganator – for his ornament with a little house on a floating island! Choosing this winner was very difficult, but we felt this one was the most unique!

Thankyou everyone for participating, the winners will be contacted in the next week/s to arrange a payment method for the prize.
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Original post: The PCB Christmas Tree Comp & Gift Exchange is HERE!


By Cavemaker

By omganator

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