The Farcoastian Empire

[Updated 8/27/13]
[Previously the Farcoastian Army page]

The Farcoastian Empire is a nation-state comprised of Farcoast and several provinces, all seeking to progress and establish a better community for survival players.
Farcoast Itself: The city of Farcoast is the capital of the Empire, and in it anyone may build, free of stylistic regulations. The Farcoastian Army military base is also here.
By living in either Farcoast itself or one of the empire’s provinces, players gain Imperial citizenship. Provinces of the Empire may seek assistance from the Farcoastian Army, and all citizens of the empire are eligible to enlist if they so desire.

Civilian Government Positions in the Empire:

Manager of Domestic Affairs: Kurrpeted98989
Manager of Imperial Resources: lazertiger

Current provinces of the empire: [Green: Well Developed / Blue: Developing / Orange: New]:
Valandia (GuiboAllon) [Located east of Farcoast, if you take Highway 2 East and then south]
Beta (Kingscouser) [Located south of Farcoast, off of Beta Road]
Tatooine (Ka_52) [Far West of Farcoast, in a desert]
Flora (Anjwalker) [Located to the west, if you follow Rivendell Road and then south. Artificial Mushroom Biome]
Menethil (RexMcMonkey) [Located east of Farcoast directly on Highway 2/Java Road]
Ka_52’s/Semilaxbeazt’s Province [Located south of Farcoast on Longwalk Road]

The Farcoastian Army is a militaristic organization centered around the Farcoastian Empire. Its primary purpose is to act as a defensive (or offensive) force for the protection of the Empire and its allies, but also as a corps of engineers for construction members. The Farcoastian Empire may be contracted out to foreign individuals or towns, if the employer can work out an agreeable contract.

You may, however, re-enlist upon your unbanning, should it occur.

Furthermore, Members of the FCA must sign a contract confirming acknowledgement of joining the organization, but there is no term period. FCA Members may leave the FCA at any time.

Members of the Farcoastian Army receive daily pay based on the following pay scale:

Example Rank (SHORTVERSION): Active Duty Pay / Reserve Duty Pay*

Private (PVT): 25 / 5
Private First Class (PFC): 30 / 10
Corporal (CPL): 35 / 15
Specialist (SPC): 40 / 20
Sergeant (SGT): 50 / 25
Staff Sergeant (SSG): 75 / 30
Lieutenant (LT): 100 / 35
Captain (CPT): 100 / 50

*Reserve Duty Pay applies when a FCA member is declared inactive for an extended period of time.
*If you have been placed on Reserve duty, contact Metazealot to restore you to full pay.

The Farcoastian Army relies on a command structure, with seperate ranks. The current chain of command:

Emperor: Metazealot
FCA Company Commander: Captain Chaz_The_Spaz

1st (Infantry) Platoon Leader: Lieutenant Jakoba99
Platoon Sergeant: Staff Sergeant Epic_Dude2012

1st Squad [Melee]
Squad Leader: Sergeant RexMcMonkey
Corporal Shadowgirl72
Corporal kingscouser
Private Mini_me12345
Private s4n6st0rm
Private Pixnet [RESERVE]

2nd Squad [Melee]
Squad Leader: Sergeant Dragon_Slayer24
Corporal Warhawks83 [RESERVE]
Private First Class Niko12099
Private Pwnyhammer
Private iNeedzMomz [RESERVE]
Private Caspercat5

3rd Squad [Archery]
Squad Leader: Sergeant Javierero
Corporal Joshm0nkey
Private Ryanhall1
Private SnideHD
Private JellyBelly109

2st (Support) Platoon Leader: RGA1215
Platoon Sergeant: Staff Sergeant Royyce

1st Squad [Artillery]
Squad Leader: Sergeant Topgearwill [RESERVE]
Corporal Wildcarduberdude [RESERVE]
Private Ispeaktotrees
Private Nams3537
Private Chrisjebuilds

2nd Squad [Quartermaster]
Squad Leader: Sergeant CKKuhl
Specialist CouragetheTiger [Stablemaster]
Specialist Anjwalker [Brewing] [RESERVE]

Farcoastian Army Branches:
Melee: Close combat infantry, the swordsmen of the army
Archery: Ranged combat infantry, the bowmen of the army
Artillery: Support-by-fire soldiers, in charge of operating TNT weaponry
Quartermaster: Generally non-combat personnel, with a specific establishment focus

If any FCA member wishes to change their branch assignment, merely contact Metazealot.


Standard Equipment:
*Full Iron Armor
*Diamond Sword
*Power 1 or better bow
All of the above items are standard issue to new FCA members. Sergeants and above have access to chests and can replace lost or damage equiptment. If you have better gear, go ahead and use it, but we will not replace it.
Combat Load:
*All of the Standard Equipment listed above
*Harming II Grenade, Strength II and Healing II Potion
*32+ Arrows
Combat Load will only be issued when necessary.

*The Farcoastian Supply Corporation sells horses for $99. FCA Members get a discount, and may purchase
horses/remounts for $50.

*The Farcoastian Army is always needing supplies. If you want to earn money as a contracted supplier, message

To ask to hire the FCA for a project of any sort, contact Metazealot to hash out a contract.
Last Imperial Census: 44

Oh yea Tatooine (my current town) would like to ally with Farcoast. We have barracks available and a prison too. We are also walled and have stables and a farm.

erm just a small thing am i able to join but i want to join as like a demo squad sort of thing

Random, join The Revolution, we’re all demolition squads.

Viva la Revolution, Down with Meta!

Who needs a revolution when you live in the wild west. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you need something blown up, you’ll change your tune. :slight_smile:

Who needs the wild west, when you live in space?

Who needs space when you live in a space ship? /shamelessad. Starmade

Gotta love Starmade. :slight_smile:

Please cease and desist with thy conversations. At any rate, we have a growing artillery and explosives unit.

okay brodur i think i will join the revolution if a war starts theres gon be som boom mon

rolls eyes sigh i miss minecraft. Im too addicted on the hat simulator with guns to actually do anything about it though :frowning:

:smiley: btw we have gained a few new members and people have ranked up and moved around in the squads, and we do have a compond, and a set of rules. so… don’t be all revolution and stuff -_-

It only takes one skilled commando team to topple an empire.

… Anyhoo… Meta you may want to take Dark_knight off your roster as he is banned.

Just make sure Caprica’s wall doesn’t get blown up again :stuck_out_tongue:

As of August 10th, 2013, Randombilly is listed as an Enemy-Of-State of the Farcoastian Empire, and is to be killed-on-sight in any of its territories.

The cause being that he attacked us and bombed the FCA HQ.

What is it with staff and bombing ,_,

We need some way to relieve stress, we do this by bombing meta ;D

Gosh dowgit… This had to happen while I’m on vacation. I can’t do anything until August 18th. :’(