Sylvie's Sketches :D

Saw new general arts thread
got excited
decided to sketch

bows politely Constructive critique is much appreciated :slight_smile:

so to get my little section started, have an elf that i drew last night :smiley:

…and some old stuff so it doesn’t feel lonely

(sorry i suck with this attaching images thing so heres the links to the pics on my Deviant art - image hosting sites invite thieves :d) - Elf (i blame shadow for me wanting to do elves) - Sketch of a wolf poster i used to have in my room :smiley: - some artwork for a book i started a while back :3

OOooooooo! I really love the wolf drawing, so much detail! :D. Must of taken ages… But twas perfected ^^

I like these!

wow, I like these!

I wish I could still draw, all my artistic talent went into literature.

I liked the elf a LOT however here is a couple things to keep in mind: elves are a very cultural race, and as such they should be portrayed in that manner. A little jewellery goes a long way. Also, elves usually ate very proud of there ears, and as such will sometimes do piercings, or, if there are shamans, our priests, add a cleansing tag on the east to ward off spirits.

thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yup, the wolf took me 8 and a half hours al, did it a few months back

and yeah thanks shad, i’ll keep that in mind. I did actually give her piecings but the lighting quality is bad. I’ll do a little more work on the next one :smiley: (never usualy draws elves) it be your books fault XD

and i like to write too but i’m too much of a perfectionist to ever finish a book >.< i get like… 12 chapters in or so then go back and fix them…

hopefully my inspirational streak continues… i shall do something with color next…

I like.

I used to enjoy writing, still do in a way, but English lessons in school ruined it for me. In primary school I used to be great at coming up with stories etc, but in high school everything just became so boring and monotonous.

Of the three, that wolf is easily my fav. Do you just like drawing animals more? Love wolves? Your detail there is amazing.

thanks kyle, im actually better with people, but i drew the wolf around the time i decided i anted to learn realism and detail. tried to do some stuff since but they just never quite come out right >.<. I did enjoy drawing it though :smiley:

currently practicing my landscape/backgrounds - wont have colour but meh >.< …

…so much unfinished shiz in my sketchpad…

The wolf is spectacular! Love it.


i’m not able to get onto the game itself but i can still pop onto here briefly for an update…only one pic, but i’ll throw in a photo or two from last nights shenanigans to sweeten the deal :smiley:

Sketch of Anj’s bunny: (original here in case you havnt seen it: )

got to try on a kimono last night (also got tied to a chair and forced to wear makeup >.< )

—click if your curious bout ma mug shots xD—

already stalked your mug on Deviantart, but nice Kimono. i want some traditional Japanese attire!

Bunny was well done too, but the eye on the far side bugs me =X

yeah the general proportions of the head irritates me a little but i didnt wanna fiddle with it…xD i’ll just use it as learning for the next sketch

It would be hard for art to match the cuteness that is the bunny, but you gave it a good shot! The mug shots were cute as well. Are they recent?

shadow you stalker you :L

Kyle…yeah those photo’s were from thursday night after i headed to london…and ultimately got drunk and whatnot…really…really glad…that people were too drunk to take any more photo’s after this nervous laughter

Beautiful :slight_smile: The proportions are pretty good for the breed. Netherlands aren’t very proportional; huge heads, big eyes, tiny ears, and tiny body.

Syl, do this for a practice sketch using colors!

ooh i like, not so good with backgrounds but would be fun to try…hmm letraset or pencil is the question…suppose i could ink out the base, scan it, make a copy so i can try both

it’ll have to wait a little but thought, been really busy at work lately, almost finished mass effect 3 :L and i think i might have fractured my left wrist back in march…gotta go see at the hospital tomorrow ^^; but sure, i’ll give it a shot after i finish my current piece <3

request accepted :smiley:

Currently working on a load of stuff to give you guys…doodles from work, that landscape i promised shadow…a few other things… i don’t wanna post them one at a time so i’ll get a load done and put them up together. In the meantime have some old art for Demons don’t sleep on sofa’s. please note most of these are 3-4 years old…curious to how they’d look if i did some more now… hmm… - a front cover idea (remind me to make another sometime) - Luneth (my first and only successful attempt at men. forever in pencil in fear of ruining) - Rowan Death’s hobby 1 (you’ve seen this before) - Rowan Death’s Hobby 2 (dont like this so much) - rowan Death’s hobby 3

I know they’re sketches, but you may want to consider colouring them electronically. I think they would look a lot better than the felt tip you’re currently using :slight_smile: