Survival Rant

Alright, so a lot of things have been happening on the server lately, with a lot of staff members that I won’t specifically name, but I feel that this needs to be made public for the Administration and everyone else to know.

  1. A staff member offers to sell me a spawned stack of bedrock through a book and quill to keep it off the PCB chat logs, and after a long conversation I tell them that I don’t want it, and that they should get rid of them. After that, they stated that they were just testing me, but I believe they were just trying to cover their tracks.

  2. 20 Stacks of diamonds were spawned in, and given to a lower ranked staff member. That staff member went out and sold a majority of the diamonds, but kept some of them. I bought a lot of the diamonds from that player, and then sold them to the admin shop so they could at least be destroyed. The money was taken out of my account, which is fine. However, The staff member said on TeakSpeak “Do you really think I’m stupid to give back all of those diamonds?”

  3. World Edit is used all over the survival map, even though according to what Spec told me, that it wasn’t supposed to be used. I have been one of the people to ask for W/E many times, and gotten it done about 90% of the time.

  4. Spawned Items, commonly done by Senior Staff members and a majority of the people that have access to it. Not long ago I said that I needed a nether star, which was given to me by a Senior Staff member that had just spawned a lot of withers and killed them. Yes, spawning items helps people and makes things easier, but it goes against the entire concept of survival and earning everything.

  5. Repairing Items. I’ve been one of the people that have asked a SOP to repair an item of mine, and gotten it done every time. I realize that this isn’t how survival is, you don’t just get everything forever, it takes out the whole point of legitimacy.

  6. Changing the time of day. Some people wait for it to be night to do things like hunt slimes in swamps, but it’s impossible to do when certain staff members just non stop make it day over and over.

  7. I want to close with the topic of Ender Grinders, not to sit here and complain about wanting them unbanned, but to use them as an example of what is currently going on. Basically, what’s being done is: We were told that ender grinders weren’t allowed due to them being over powered and ruining survival with all of the exp, but in reality survival is already being ruined. Every point above are examples of how the survival map isn’t even survival. Too much staff powers are being used for personal gain and the gain of their friends, instead of using them what they’re meant for. Admins aren’t on the server much, so hopefully this will give point out that the rules actually need to be enforced, that’s what they’re there for.

All of the above is my personal opinion, and is not meant to offend anyone.

Robin ran this by me and I believe he has some valid points to make. We are meant to maintain order, not make the game a walk in the park. That or you can play Creative. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree! Some staff abuse the commands (not saying who) and we really don’t need the extra ram leaks. Besides it’s survival, spawning a shit ton of dims is actually unfair for the people who legit mined their own.

I agree with this regarding anything that is disrupting the legitimacy of the survival economy. It ruins the point.
Some worldedit I can understand, for terrain features, but not for spawning masses of wealth. I support this rant.

Message me names.

Sigh My responses are in bold.

Damn this is bad. Something needs to be done any staff found doing this to be demoted or put on probation I think.

Yes agreed however Mods and OPs do NOT have any W/E commands or some of the other things mentioned in survival.
I was on last night and my friend did mention how long the dark was staying - which I then started to watch - and just as it was getting light - guess what - it got dark again.
It is not right that this should happen ‘just like that’ we were told when we were mods ‘time of day’ not too be used when others were on in survival.
I think this ‘misuse of powers’ Robin is referring to is only done by a small minority of staff and on the whole most staff do not abuse their powers.
As you know I am on a lot of the time and for the main part, survival is what it claims to be and that is survival.
In my opinion, Mods and I believe Ops cannot really abuse the survival system with the commands they have at their disposal, apart from maybe the time of day that was mentioned.
To my knowledge Mods and OPs cannot spawn diamonds or nether stars so that has to be higher than a mod or OP unless there are commands I am not aware of available to OPs.
Perhaps this matter can be cleared up a.s.a.p so that those that have not transgressed can feel vindicated of any blame.
It is not nice to know that some are doing this and causing upset among the other players.

Seems like I miss all of the interesting things when I go to sleep.

I agree with all of this. Espically the nighttime thing.

You said you purchased 2 stacks of diamonds from a shop and sold them to the admin shop to destroy them, and that’s exactly what you said to Meta when you bought 2 stacks of diamonds from me. But you never accused of them being given to me… Just to clarify in case that hat is supposed to be put on me, I mined for all of my diamonds, except for the few here and there I win from the Lottery shop, and the ones Nami throws out at me. I’m hoping you’re talking about some other shop, but this kinda boxed me in the picture. And you can check my block registry to see how many diamonds I’ve mined out, and I always have Fortune 3 pickaxes, I can prove that by any Mod + going through my tool chest. Also, while we’re all talking about things. Ferr also jokingly, I assume, accused me of using X-Ray to find my diamonds, and to once again clarify ANYTHING up, I’m literally too dumb to figure out how to install any mod packs to my computer, and I switch from one computer to the other in a day, which means I’d have to install it twice and all that. And I can take screenshots of whatever folder or file you’re supposed to put it in to run it, that it’s not there, and never was. And I can also show a few of the mines I mine in, and you guys can judge from the lenght of my tunnels if I actually did earn my diamonds without using X-Ray. (I don’t see why I’d mine in a straight line for hours if I was using X-ray.)

On to the second point; I’ve been guilty about 3 times of using the night/day toggle option. One time I changed it from day to night to check if my redstone lamps in my town were working with my solar pannel, and I asked prior to doing it if it was okay, and made it day right back after, which took less than 30 seconds.

I also used it when I was trying to help out a group of new comers that I had equipped with good tools who kept dying and losing their tools due to night, and I asked prior if anyone minded me changing the time, and everyone on the server said it was okay, so I did. Sorry. :confused:

And I’ve also been requested multiple times to turn off rain due to lag on the server, and I’ve also asked on the server if it was okay for me to turn off the rain at times, and everyone pleaded me to do it… So I’m sorry once again if I’m not supposed to, I figured I was just kinda helping out.


When I mentioned diamonds, I wasn’t referring to you.

I never realized how bad this has gotten since ive been playing again.

All i’ve gathered from this is how i haven’t been on at all recently :confused:

Question: How is threatening to remove worldedit perms a good way of deterring worldedit use? Also by all maps do you mean bigcity?

And in response to a couple of the issues:
Day/Night switching-
Only ever noticed it once. A staff member and I were on the server, and she asked if she could make it day. So that’s fine.
I use a spawner that takes about 5 mins to get to level 30. I don’t understand what the difference is between 5 mins and 30 seconds.

Endergrinders are not the point of this discussion. lets refrain from getting into an argument over those.
The admins and SOPs not guilty of these actions are likely discussing what to do about the command abuse. Let’s give them some time to take in the allegations and come up with a solution.

I may have toggled night/day a couple of times but I usually do it when I’m alone. I don’t believe I abuse it to be honest but I’ll be more careful if people believe its the case.

  1. I don’t see a problem with it if you’re alone, Guibo

  2. W/E needs to stay on survival for certain reasons. We need it sometimes, but it maybe a tad bit overused.

I agree with Rga, only if it is for a large event or helping with a glitch or something though should it be allowed.

Okay! No worries, I just wanted to clarify so that you weren’t actually talking about me, and meanwhile I’m just like… Le derp!~ :stuck_out_tongue: