[Survival] Missing items? Post Here.

As said in the title.

If it’s ridiculous, you may not get it. Simple as that.

Be mindful of the time it may/not take to get your items back, as We are on a limited schedule to fix this issue.

Stuff that I lost (only putting stuff I actually care about)
Full Iron Suit
24 Wheat
Iron Pic and Sword
Last But Not Least
2 Eggs

besides what you gave me

64 coal blocks
64 torches
diamond pickaxe (fortune 3, efficiency 4, unbreaking 3)
fishing rod (maxed out)
all iron tools with efficiency 1
all iron armour, efficiency 1
stack of steak
2 potions weakness
4 golden apples
stac k of arrows
bow with power 4 unbreaking 3 and infinity
fireresistance potion
diumaond helmet protection 4 unbreaking 3
diamond chestplate (same as helm)
a blank map
64 paper
a trillion diamonds
and partridge in a pear tree (forget the last two)

DONE -Ouhai

Magmaflamegirl (my sis)

lost 2 diamond blocks +eight diamonds
6 emeralds
16 gold blocks
80 redstone blocks
30 lapis blocks
27 blocks of iron + 5 ingotts
full iron rmour
full diamond armour
iron shovel
diamond pick and sword
healing potion

2 stacks of iron
full suit of iron (no helmet)
Diamond helmet
5 diamonds
2 stacks of redstone
diamond pick
diamond sword

this is just the stuff i care about and had a lot of other crap in the inv
[move]THATS ALL FOLKS[/move]

diamond pick, axe, spade, sword (with sick enchantments but nvm)

DONE -Ouhai

[s]Only really care about my tools:

Diamond Sword with Sharpness 5, unbreaking 3
Diamond Pick with Eff 5, unbreaking 3
Diamond pick with Eff5, unbreaking 3, silk touch
Axe with eff5, unbreaking 3
Shovel with eff5, unbreaking 3[/s]

DONE -Ouhai

2 diamond picks - one with Eff 4, another unenchanted
1 diamond axe - Eff 3 (i think)
1 diamond sword - unenchanted
3 stacks of cooked chicken
1/2 stack of acacia log
5 stacks of cobble, 2 stacks of stone
armour: diamond everything, unenchanted
That’s about it.
EDIT: and a stack of coal (I thought I left it in the furnace, but apparently not)

DONE -Ouhai

[s]- A stack and a half of white wool

  • A stack of torches
  • A stack of acacia wood planks
  • Bow with Infinty I and Power III
  • Diamond Axe with Unbreaking III
  • Diamond Pickaxe with Fortune I
  • Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency III
  • Diamond Shovel with Efficiency IV and Unbreaking III[/s]

DONE -Ouhai

stuff dont really remeber since i just got back on.

I am going to post my losts and my brother losts also (wolfy9)
diamond sword (sharpness 3 ,unbreaking 3 )
diamond axe (effin 4 ,unbreaking 3)
diamond helmet
diamond chestplate
diamond leggings
diamond boots

diamond picaxe (fortune 3,effin 3,unbreaking 3)
diamond shovel (silktouch 1,unbreaking 3,effin 3)
6 stacks of ice and 5 stacks of snow

DONE -Ouhai

[s]Cannae mind what I had to be honest, but I know it consisited of:
A bunch of crap I didn’t need that you dont need to bother with

  • Eff 4 Unbreaking 3 Dim Pick
  • Silk Touch Eff 4 Dim Pick
  • Unbreaking 3 Eff 4 Dim Axe
  • Fortune 3 Dim Pick

It was some stuff along those lines, but if you could get any of them back for I’d be very grateful.[/s]

DONE -Ouhai

There was a glitch and I ended up with my survival items in creative, so I need them again.

Well… looks like Ive fallen with the people who have also lost their stuff… yay…

My question is, why would you be HOLDING so many valuables? That seems rather shifty as if you even had them or not.

Diamond sword
Diamond Pic
(efficiency IV Unbreaking II)
Diamond Shovel (Efficiency IV)
Diamond Axe (Efficiency II)
s 64 torches
3.5 stacks of polished andesite
3 stacks of polished granite
(About) 32 bread

Thank you!, legotrooper123

(im still a little pooped about the enchants)

ok this is addition to my last post of “stuff” i know i had some really good diamond picks and armor and food lots of food. im not a horder just a food expert.

diamond sword- efficiencyIII, fire aspect, knock back II
Diamond axe-efficiency III, unbreaking III
diamond pickaxe- efficiencyIII, unbreaking II
3 stacks of oak
3 stacks of birch
3 stacks of oak planks
3 stacks of birch planks
64 stone brick

Well tbh, I can’t even remember what i have at that moment so :confused: I’ll just name the things i remember
-Enchanted armor set
*Helmet: Aqua
*Chestplate: Protection III
*Pants: Protection II
*Boots: Feather Falling I
-2 Dims pickaxe
*Eff II Fortune I and Unbreaking III
*Eff IV Fortune III and Unbreaking III ( The one i gave Octo to repair)

It’s sad but this happened when i need my inventory need clean up xD

I have to agree with Zak on this one, i thought it looked shifty when i read it…