Survival Maze Work, I Need Creative

I was hoping that maybe I could get creative mode in survival. I decided since my maze in creative probably isn’t going to get moved to survival, that it would be nice to make a maze in survival, on creative mode. I would totally remake the layout of the maze, so no body gets an advantage by playing in the creative server maze.

It would also be helpful if i could get some world editing to clear out some land underground for the maze. If so could i map out an 80x80 square, and maybe 10-20 blocks tall. if not then I could just dig it out.

Also it would be nice if i could get some mob spawners, to help make the maze more challenging. I understand that might be a little too much to ask for. I would be totally ok with just getting creative mode, i could make some decent mob spawning rooms.

Please at least let me be on creative mode. If I can’t get creative then I probably wont do it in survival, just because this is way to big of a project to go out and collect all the materials.

I’m not an admin (duh) but I just had to say that u r a little box FULL of fun and creative ideas! I’ve seen mazes on minecraft before and think it would be great to have a maze in SMP! Hope u get to use creative n stuffs ^^

Thanks for the support :smiley:

I don’t think that’s a bad idea… it could be like JumpQuest on 1.7.3, maybe with a reward in the middle. However it would have to be a no-build zone, and commands like /tp jump and /tp up would have to be removed in the maze to make it fair, especially if there’s a reward, like a decent one.

True, it would need to have some sort of world gard on it, and somehow have a command block on it.

I personally think it would be more impressive if you built it out of materials you got by hand.

That would take a long time, but if it comes to that I’ll provide materials. :slight_smile:
Wat materials r u making it out of? I’ll set up a chest for it in Rippor & mines town.

I agree with ouhai, if we give you creative mode, then it is pretty much the same as copying it over. We won’t copy it, as it was built in creative. If you were to build it by hand again in survival, I think we may be able to supply the spawners, and do some terraforming for you. But no more than that really. I do like the idea though!

I think it would be far more impressive if we can all pull together and do it by hand, and with our community I think it can be done. Whenever I can help I’ll try to, just remind me haha. Though a bit of terraforming isn’t too bad, considering how large of an area you would like to build this in.

-changed out to our-

Is terraforming that command were u can like //set 35:15 (black wool) using a wooden axe?

That’s world edit. Terraforming is when you make changes to a landscape (like flatten a mountain etc), which can be done using world edit.

I suppose we could all make it together. Didn’t someone get creative mod for a creeper temple? I figured since this is at least as big a project as that, i could get creative mode. I was also kinda thinking of making it from mossy stone brick and cracked stone brick, but i suppose i could make it out of something else, it’s got to be able to be pushed by pistons and conceal the outer parts of the maze, that is why i didn’t make the first maze out of leaves. I also would need a ton of glowstone, for lighting purposes.

Edit: also, the people working on the maze would have a sort of unfair advantage. That is why I kinda want to make it a one man built project, so no body has an advantage. That would be a little to big of a project for survival mode.

I want to help, but I can’t allow myself to help you cheat in survival. I know it would be much easier if we could just move your creation over, but survival should be authentic. Server projects such as the spawn town are an exception.

I would be willing to help you with materials and using world edit to move what you made around. Perhaps even copying and pasting parts of the maze. PM me if/when you need help.

I suppose I’m ok with that, but what ever happened to that creeper temple project anyway? Is it still being worked on or is it done, or just not going to be finished? Who gave that person creative mode?

Why has nobody said anything about the creeper temple? I think it was Italian who got creative mode for it any way. Why did he get creative mode for that anyway?

Tbh I have no idea about it, I think that’s why there is little response. I don’t really have any further comments on this, would like to see what others have to say. I don’t support the use of creative mode in survival. I think that even though I can put myself into it to build, it doesn’t make sense for me to, maybe other than flying. I know you want your project to be on survival, so I suppose we will see how this plays out.

You need to get andy to transfer it over, i can do a save, but the schematic will need to be transferred over.
also, I have no idea on why ital got Creative mode. I only use creative mode when i need to fly around (ie: watching players) Seeing as im on ubuntu and zombes mod simply hates it for some reason.

If someone saves the selection with WorldEdit I will transfer it to Survival for someone to paste. Can’t guarantee the paste will work/won’t crash the server.

Never heard of anyone getting Creative powers on Survival as of yet. I certainly wouldn’t have approved it. Who exactly did you hear that from?

If there is a chance that my maze will be moved to survival, then i need to make a few changes. If there is a chance for the creative maze to be moved to survival, could i get some mob spawners, please. If not, i understand, i could just make a big area for them to spawn, might be a little to big for moving to survival though. I know this sounds like more work than it’s worth, but if you cut it in pieces when you move it, then it should work better, i think.

I saw italian flying around, and he said someone gave him creative, i think it was italian, it was a while ago.

I think I can clear that up. Delta wanted a few blocks for his ender temple, and was building it over an area of void, so I put him in creative temporarily for those few blocks (nether portal, for decorative purposes I believe), and to be able to fly around. As far as I am aware after the portal, he has only used creative for the flying, and gathered materials himself. I am unsure if he has been put back into survival mode, and for this I apologise, as I have been busy lately with exams and holiday etc.