Survival [1.18.1 Reset]

Salutation Meat Bags,
Hold on to your hats, as we welcome you to our latest server update!

Reintroducing survival

Delve into new caves, dive deeper in the oceans, or journey to new heights as you climb further then ever before!

Welcome to our new 1.18 survival that builds upon our past and currents survival to bring you an exciting new experience. We are reintroducing the economy and market as some sorely missed features. A limited number of homes will be available to you, and deathchests make a surprise return!.

Want to do more than just survive? Want to become a billionaire? Then starting building your commerce empire now. Voting for PCB will quickly start your journey to riches! Harvest your goods, sell your wares and try to make it big in a harsh world.

It’s time to adventure and go further then ever as PCB introduces you to 1.18 Survival. There’s so much more to see and do. What are you waiting for? It all starts now.

/warp survival to get started!

1.18.1 Update

As part of our new survival launch, we’ve made some significant under-the-hood changes to create a solid foundation for PCB. We’ve made the switch to Bungeecord to provide greater flexibility and improve performance.

As such, you will need to update your Minecraft client to 1.18.1

Our Survival world is already running 1.18.1 and Creative will be updated in the next few days so you can take full advantage of a greatly increased world height.



Nice! Will the old map be available for download?

I was told only last week or so that the map would just be made bigger? I may have been told wrong though, so don’t quote me. :sweat_smile:

Yes, it will be available in the next few weeks!

I think you might be confusing Survival and Creative. There is no creative reset happening, it’s just updating to 1.18.

Okay, thank you for clarifying!

Perfect, thank you!

The map is now available for download: Map Archive

Please remember that the map is only for download and use on your personal computer in single player

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