Suggestions I want to be accepted.

Hey, you might have seen @ImAMemer 's post on the big box of suggestions that got thrown away. I’m doing something similar, except I’m focusing on things that need to be unbanned, and other suggestions.


  1. Money in Creative
    I hear people complaining about this all the time, but I remember back when we were able to buy apartments and houses in creative. And even if there are some cons about having currency in creative, if you don’t like it, don’t use it. There wouldn’t really be a “required” reason to use currency, but I’m sure some people would be happy to sell apartments/houses they made to other players.

  2. “Wars” (not really a yes from me, more of a maaaybe)
    After the whole Greenville War scenario, wars were banned for reasons I personally don’t know. It seems like it would be fun to have “roleplay wars” or “cold wars” where we don’t grief each others stuff, we just kinda show off military to each other and build bases throughout the creative map. This is a maybe though, let me know your thoughts.

[size=14pt]Other Suggestions

  1. Instead of resetting creative, just keep resizing it forever.
    Now I’m no expert on running a server, and I know this may make the server run a bit slower, but I would really hate to see all the great cities we’ve made (like Budapest, Portland, Belmont, Southport, etc.) go to waste. This is really up to @_andy and @_specialk to figure out, but I would rather have this than a clean new world.

  2. Make a resource world for survival
    I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this system, but I recently went on a server that had a survival building server like us, except they had a “resource world.” How it works, is that it is a normal Minecraft world, except that it resets every 2-3 weeks with completely new biomes and resources. Then, we could take the resources to the regular survival world to build towns and cities.

  3. Make use of our Youtube Channel!
    We have a Youtube Channel, yet no one ever posts videos on there! We really should showcase our builds, our community, and maybe do some silly and pointless videos in between. This would show guests that we aren’t one of those servers with towns that are made of wood and have 6 buildings. It could show them that we have huge cities that they can explore!

That’s all, and please feel free to put your opinion below

I believe there was a thread on this. Wherever it is in eternity, it was said that it was unnecessary because there would be nothing to buy.

Expanding the map would cost money. Plus, you can download previous maps to your computer.

I like this.

That’s just my opinion.

The economy system was always intended to be for the survival map anyway.

They created incredible quantities of drama and rivalry. This is kind of why the PVP server was scrapped as well.

Whilst it’s possible to do this, it’d murder the server’s performance even more than it currently is being murdered. Every new chunk added to the server is more stuff that has to be tracked.

We try to keep survival as vanilla as possible. Something like this basically just makes it creative-lite. If you can’t be bothered to go and find resources, then you might as well just go and play creative.

This is purely just a matter of someone with the time wanting to do it. AGx managed the youtube channel for a while but then it disappeared.

As a general note about this sort of threads, it should be remembered that we don’t just deny suggestions for our own amusement. Unfortunately just because the community wants it, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea or even possible. If a suggestion has been denied, it was because it was a bad idea or not possible at the time. There’s nothing wrong with re-raising suggestions, it’s just a good idea to keep that in mind.

I agree with octo.

please also add a ‘leave it as it is’ option to the poll.

I agree.

Could people try not to revive suggestions that got denied, cause I don’t see the point on having a second debate about what has already been debated and denied/accepted.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of thread at all, providing you realise that it was denied for a reason and that reason may still be there. However, the situation may have changed and the suggestion is now possible.

Just don’t act like the suggestions were denied for no reason, like certain un-named people have been doing.

Tbh I would quite like to do some YouTube videos for PCB but I’m very busy atm due to exams but in a few weeks time I will create some trial videos and see if staff like them enough for me to become the ‘TubeTube manager’ or whatever it would be called

Why can’t there just be poll that anyone can vote on that decide these things. Gets rid of any bureaucracy and allows players to choose what THEY want to see.

Exceptions being things like constant map expansion which would, as those who understand how files work, kill the server. (Because Minecraft is compiled horribly and each chunk is its own file)

Okay first of all. I understand that you guys really would like some of these suggestion however,

Please remember that you can’t just say let’s make it so the members get whatever they ask for, staff can only make so much happen.

I am however, all for the youtube channel. There been a bit of discussion among some of us staff and we have some ideas. I'll see if I can get this happening. If no one else has any objections I'll work something out, I'll update you all soon. 
In saying that though, everyone is free to record vidoes just let people know before you start recording... You don't want to receive a bitchy pm and record it for the whole of PCB to see.

Talking about the youtube channel, I may start some city/build showcasing on the server if some people want to be in it.

(My plan was to make the showcase of a city/build and send it to the staff member that owns the YT channel and he could post it. If that’s good by you) (could staff maybe approve?)

I think if we made a post somewhere, where people could send in videos for the channel, then whoever has access to it can post the ones that are approved. That would work pretty well.

YouTube channel is definitely best staying staff-run but we’d love to see some community submissions, and full credit will be given where credit is due.

It has nothing to do with bureaucracy. As much as I would love to never reset our maps it’s a matter of practicality not preference. If everything were community decided it would literally destroy our server, as the decisions would then be made by people who don’t understand how server or Minecraft servers internally work.

It’s like the age old suggestion that keeps popping up all the time about putting transportation (ie. vehicles made of blocks that move) plugins onto the server. It would cripple the server with lag and that’s why it’s denied every single time - not because we’re ignoring what the community wants.

That’s what I meant by post the ones approved, keeping it staff run, but having plenty of community submissions.

I wasn’t referring only to constant map expansion. I was talking about the principal in general as to why many of these suggestions have been denied and why we can’t have everything community decided, using map expansion as an obvious example.

About creative, there was a couple proposals that talked about having a second world for more experienced players, or resetting it, etc.

I think that atm creative will stay as it is and there may be an incoming reset in the far away future.

About wars, No, they should stay banned.

About youtube channel, better staff directed as Ferf, Callum, Andy said.

I believe when creative resets (Waiting until it comes necessary like last reset) we should have a second world, smaller than the first. Perhaps downsize to survival world to make up for it since survival is way too big for such few players.
This way players who aren’t (with no desire to insult) horrible builders can have a place where their builds aren’t ruined by nooby stuff. A long-dead server call PersianWorld did this and it worked extremely well.

Players who have been with our server for years know better not to build near the map spawn when the map is reset because in reality new players to the server will build near to it without even thinking long-term like most of us would for city expansions and such. It wouldn’t be like of us to have another creative map (excluding Big City), because creating another world for “inexperienced” players means segregating ranks to different maps. By now, everyone should know that our ranks aren’t build based; doing something like this would defeat the purpose of the ranks we have now. The whole point of Signing Up from the Guest rank is about coming online, seeing what our server has to offer, and Registering to be a Member and build with everyone else in the same maps.

if we do that then how will members get w/e when they need it and we wont be able to get warps accepted