Suggestions for additional Mods.

With the subject of switching over to the Infinity modpack, it’s time to once again open discussion on what we can add to it to enhance the pack to our style, while not completely breaking it…again. When suggesting additions please give a fair explanation as to:

[size=1em]What does it do?
Is it an add-on, or a standalone mod?
Why do we need it?
Can it negatively impact server performance?

[size=1em]That being said, nothing it guaranteed to be thrown in, but feel free to bring up constructive concerns with others suggestions.

[size=1em]Mod list for the pack is here, please check first so you don’t suggest something that’s in by default.

To start off, I think we need to add Random Things back in, mainly because the passive modifications it does to things like leaf decay are a godsend, and also makes certain niche mods that do only one of these things obsolete. That and I know how everyone loves Blood Moons so much, right guys?


Current Modlist:


Admin Command Toolbox
Advanced Solar Panels
Applied Energistics 2
Better Title Screen
BiblioWoods BoP
BiblioWoods Forestry
BiblioWoods Natura
Big Reactors
Binnie’s Mods
Biomes O Plenty
Blood Magic
Buildcraft Compat
Carpenter’s Blocks
Chisel 2
CoFH Core
Dense Ores
Draconic Evolution
Extra Utilities
Forbidden Magic
Forge Multipart
Funky Locomotion
Gravitation Suite
Hat Stand
IC2 Nuclear Control
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chests
JourneyMap Server
Logistics Pipes
Magic Bees
MineFactory Reloaded
MineTweaker 3
NEI Addons
NEI Integration
Nether Ores
Not Enough Items
Not Enough Keys
Not Enough Resources
OpenPeripheral All-In-One
Pam’s Harvestcraft
Redstone Arsenal
RF Tools
Runic Dungeons
Simply Jetpacks
Solar Expansion
Steve’s Carts
Steve’s Factory Manager
Steve’s Workshop
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin
Thaumic Energistics
Thaumic Exploration
Thaumic Tinkerer
Thermal Dynamics
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Foundation
Tinker’s Construct
Tinker’s Construct Tooltips
Tinker’s Mechworks
Twilight Forest
Waila Harvestability


It changes the way tconstruct works, including upgrades for using the tool and allowing the player to change tool parts.
The default config is a bit meh, I would advise doing what ForgeCraft did and take the config from the Material Energy Hypercubed. It may be nice to disable some of the upgrades such as autosmelt.

We need it because TConstruct progression is pretty broken. You make an alumite pickaxe for all of 5 seconds. With this mod you have to level up the tool once before it actually mines at the correct level.



Allows you to store fluids in an ME system. We had this in Monster and it was pretty awesome.

We need it, because fluid storage is annoying otherwise

Neither of these have any adverse performance issues.

Advanced Genetics Mod

We had this mod installed in one of the packs but I didn’t see it in our latest pack and I really miss it. Its an easy way to get useful ability’s that don’t take up armour or item slots. Its another way to get things like flight earlier and it requires more time instead of other mods that need lots of resources.

In all honesty, I’d rather have the niche mods and not have the blood moon… It’s a fun challenge the first couple of times, but after that it’s just annoying…

I’ll say yes to IguanaTweaks if, and only if, stone tools are enabled. They’re not as OP as people think, even with a diamond and redstone modifiers, you may get the speed and mining level of diamond tools, but the durability is terrible. You have to stop every 2 minutes to repair it.

As long as ExtraCells is stable, I’m game.

Although I personally love the advanced genetics mod, I don’t think we should have it. It is kinda OP - you basically just find a bat and you get creative flight. Currently the only way to do that is with angel wings, which require unstable ingots.

The only thing I would suggest is HQM, but that’s really non-essential. Octo and I have started a quest list, but it’s nowhere near done, so we’ll need to finish it.

I don’t mind advanced genetics if we disable some of the more OP aspects. Namely ghast fireballs, flight… anything else? I want to eat grass, have more HP, and resist fire. Useful, but not TOO OP.

Power ARMOR - Because: reasons

The Ender IO Dark Armour is kinda like power armour. It requires items and levels instead of items and items.

And botania’s tiaras, now in pink and pink

EDIT: Also I’ve added the modlist into the OP

Righty-o I’ve got a few.

Metallurgy 4
The reason why I’m throwing this one out there is because there’s a crap ton of ores to play around with and with ExtraTiC you can use those metals with Tinkers’ Construct. Thus, giving you countless of possibilities of tools/weaponry.
Only downside that I can think of is underground it’s going to be a mess of ores lol.

Well I already kind of talked about this one a bit, but basically what it does is makes it so you can create Tinkers’ Construct items from other mods. This includes Natura, Metallurgy 4, and I think a few others.

Ars Magica 2

Honestly, I’m surprised this one isn’t actually on there. Everyone enjoys making their own spells and I know there are a few players who really enjoyed this mod. There has been an update for it fixing a lot of bugs while also re-adding in bosses and items.

Hardcore Ender Expansion
I really did enjoy this mod, seeing how it adds a hell of a lot more content to the end it lets you adventure even more if you’re that type of person. From what I can tell it’s gone through a lot more updates and is a lot more stable. However, I’m not entirely sure if it is compatible with Draconic Evolution. That will need to be tested.

Ever wanted to create your own minions? Well now you can! Just by killing the very mobs trying to murder you, you can take pieces of them and create your very own minion that does all of your bidding! Basically, if you read the book Frankenstein, you get to be him. Pretty neat mod, kind of creepy though.

No random things by default? O.o, odd… Openblocks, extra utilities and random things always seemed to go hand in hand for random improvements.

I would say Minechem because ive enjoyed messing around with it on ME^4, but it would be somewhat overpowered, like having sieves on a non Agrarian Skies server.

Suggestions that arnt naff are; Iron tanks, Enhanced portals or portal guns, powersuit addons if we get power armour, mimicry? Damage indicators, quarry plus?

Actually Fatso, the main problem with Minechem is you have to add in all non vanilla chemical recipe by hand. For every. Single. Thing. Not it.

I would definitely say yes to hardcore ender expansion, if it’s compatible with draconic evolution. Most of the others I have a ‘meh’ approach to.
With enhanced portals/portal guns, mystcraft has kinda got you covered. You can basically make a nether hub of all the places you want to go in the overworld.

Also just saying, extra utilities drums are an excellent fluid storage solution. 256 buckets in a single block of the regular ones, and 256,000 buckets in a single block when you reach the bedrockium drum.

Just remember, we’re trying out this pack because it’s more stable. Adding in 12 extra mods will probably throw that out the window. We want to keep the extra mods to a minimum, and where possible have them only add small features to the game.

thaumcraft =) with energetics

Already in the pack

So I have a thing with flans mod… I LOVE IT! So my suggestion is…Correct! Flans mod! To be specific Flans mod Civil Pack… ;D I would be so happy if you added that in!


this is for FTB. and i definitely do not like that flans mod

mystcraft is pretty taxing if used incorrectly though, i recomend taking it out in favior of a portal mod.

From my experience, it’s only actually taxing on the server when someone is making a new world. When you’re exploring it, it’s no more taxing than exploring the nether.

Also RFTools adds in teleporters too. They use up x amount of power dependant on how far away the other end is.

who is making the final decision and when?

You’re making the assumption people know what self-control is. I don’t think you remember FTB the way I do.

I take it back. You and I definitely remember FTB differently.

Atm we just wanted to see if there were any other mods that people would like to see in the pack itself. I’m going to throw all these mods into Infinity and see what works. If certain mods suggested start breaking the game, they won’t even be bothered to be added in.

Personally, I want this to be easy for everyone to be able to play, but also to have everything that everyone wants that doesn’t completely break the game. So, time to test things and see what breaks! =D

As for Mystcraft… there’s a reason why we don’t keep that enabled >_> The amount of dimensions that would be created is ridiculous and it actually will cause the server to lag more… That and the fact that you can make dimensions FULL of whatever the hell you want. Even if it’s unstable all you gotta do is break some of those ores and leave and never return. It’s essentially an easy way to break the game. HOWEVER, I believe that can be disabled in the configs. Those are the only two reasons why I have a distaste for Mystcraft.

@theoctopus I can’t find the download for Extracells for 1.7.X. Unless you mean ExtraCells 2, but that is still in Alpha, so not entirely sure if we should be using a mod in alpha stage.

@Anty_MC I don’t think we’ll be able to add in Flans Mod, it’s a neat mod, but anything that requires you to ride an entity tends to be fairly laggy… Or well from my experience.

@Kyle8910 Link please?

Super Happy Amazing Edit
So I put in every Mod except for Extracells, Necromancy, Minechem and Flans and tested it out on a singleplayer world. I can happily say they all work. Ore generation works quite well, so you should still be able to find what you’re looking for.

Hardcore Ender and Draconic Evolution are compatible with one another. The dragon drops items from both mods and The End generates with the ores from both. So HUZZAH IT WORKS! n_n With nothing breaking either!