Stepping up our game....

Just browsing Youtube and we kinda need to step up our game…We are Project City Build and we’re falling behind on the city building bit. We are up there as one of the best servers (In our own opinion of course :P) but we are not living up to our name.
Here’s what I mean:

Minecraft Creations - Episode 18

Feel free to post more examples.

I agree with this, Project City Build has a distinct lack of city.

I agree, but I can guarentee a lot of the buildings in some of those cities had no interiors etc.
If we are going to make a city similar to the original big city, with the road systems set down into the ground etc, are we going to be using world edit?

The Imperial city one had interiors, not sure about the others. And yes, worldedit for road systems would be useful. We will need complex transport networks too, rail, subway, bus ect.

Lets do this. I’ll speak to you on steam later ouhai, and we shall go find a spot in creative for it!

The thing I notice a lot about other cities is that they have density - fairly average buildings, but lots of them. The other thing that generally makes them impressive is the texture pack just like the first video ruby posted.

We need more buildings in bigcity!


Npc village with wall around it = Hobo camp. Add a few flaming trash cans.
Lowered ring road
Rail system linking to spawn, and other areas within the city
Key Buildings:
A few hotels (not too many, some more expensive than others)
Apartment blocks (read above)
Bank (with security system :stuck_out_tongue: )
cheap housing
Office buildings

i have a idea, probally not good but just think about it XD

What if andy or spec or a sop could make a large flat area in creative with plots like in old guestcity so people could make skyscrapers easily away from bigcity, any good buildings made here would be improved by a team and then sent over to the real bigcity in a suitable location for viewing.

That way big city still improves but doesn’t have the smaller buildings that are unfinished or ugly, as the choice of what is sent over will have to be passed through a sop/admin.

It would make me feel better about building for big city and maybe even others, i dont like the pressure you get if you ask for a plot to build then be expected to build greatness on the first run :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds good to me

Fatso, YES :smiley:

It would also help if we could have World Edit. Theese buildings would take days to build without it. But yes, we do need MOAR CITY! LET US START!

Ask me or ouhai to show you the build spot when we are on, or see if ouhai has the coords.
So far, we have the start of a park, one building, and an inner ring road.
We will make a train station near the park, linked to 4 others (inbetween the inner and outer rings, and beyond the outer ring, on opposite sides of the city)

Npc village with wall around it : Hobo camp. Add a few flaming trash cans. Lowered ring road: (Inner ring) Done


[Edited by liam a bit :stuck_out_tongue: , might not do the hobo camp thing, not with the npc village anyway. Check out the mineshaft by the village!]

You may have already heard but I am starting a new town/suburb to help. Just small right now but could become big with help. Hope we can make it a big project.

Those creations made me speechless…Although have made me want to create something insane >:D
Time to get cracken at something!

We need authenticity, realism, variety, and conformity. I think we should look into the Height Limit mod but regulate the construction of buildings. Buildings should be detailed and unique but still conform to the buildings around them. We shouldn’t have 50 building all at max height. just one ‘landmark’ building surrounded by medium sized buildings and small ones. Infrastructure is also important. adding sewers, subways/metros, etc. The more detail the better.

We need a giant statue, OF A CHICKEN :stuck_out_tongue:
But really we kinda need some sort of monument, something that will be recognized, and different from any other server.

So then what your saying is that we should totally rework big city eh? I’m up for it :smiley:

Sounds neat, when’s gonna be the next big project city? :smiley:

We will need a drawn out plan before we start