Speed Test

I thought that we might as well see who’s got da best internet of da server!
and to start it off, here’s my reasonable internet:

I have the sickest internet i swear omg u all jelly am i rite

While downloading battlefield 3

and now me with my cousins round, both with their laptops :stuck_out_tongue:

me without downloading shit

I don’t know how actuate this is. As I’m 109 kilometres ( 68 mi) east of Toronto, which is were it tested from.

My download is beast

Everyone be hatin. It;s not even Fibre Optic.

Is this good? I have no idea… :smiley:

You could say that, it’s probably the best here!


how do you get the speed test in the first place?

Here’s mine! It’s…you know. Average American Internet.

I didn’t know how to get to the speed test thingy y’all have so I just googled ookla and got this: